Change will be afoot this month, with several major astrological events stirring our desire for something new. We begin the month with Neptune’s station direct on December 1. When Neptune, planet of illusion, is stationing either retrograde or direct, it is advisable to take the pressure off ourselves to make any type of major decisions. There will be a confusing energy in the air during the first few days of the month, so plan to keep things simple. While Neptune has been retrograde (since June 25, 2021), we’ve had greater access to our subconscious.

We’d be wise to write down our realizations we’ve had during the past few months so we don’t forget them once Neptune is moving forward again. If you’re not already a member, visit the link below to sign up for a membership and gain access to the most powerful times to set your New Moon intentions, in-depth monthly astrological overviews, personal reports, alerts for Moon Wobbles, retrogrades, and so much more.

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    • Hi William. Solar Eclipse New Moons are high powered New Moons, so it is definitely the right time to make your New Moon Wishes, not just for the coming Moon cycle, but for the next six months. To receive the exact best times to wish at each New Moon, you can subscribe to janspiller.com and you’ll be emailed the information each month. Thanks for your great question!

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