March 1, 2014 Pisces New Moon Followed by Mars Retrograde: If You Can’t Move Forward, Float Above It

article-2141792-130009A4000005DC-32_964x1165We’re coming up on the Pisces New Moon March 1. For us west-coasters, it’s technically on February 28 at 11:59pm. I don’t know about you, but I feel ready for a New Moon! It seems everything has been moving in reverse lately and there is so much tension to move forward that we’re like restless racehorses in the gate. That reverse feeling is courtesy of Mercury, which has been in retrograde since February 6.

Delays and miscommunications, anyone? Mercury, planet of information and conversation began its retrograde in the sign of Pisces but by the time it goes direct on February 28, it will have slid back into the sign of Aquarius. Perhaps your confusion took on a more technical vibe since the 15th. Anyway, we got off easy with just a few weeks of this energy but be sure to catch your breath on Friday because Saturday, March 1, Mars goes retrograde. Basically, there will be different kinds of delays until May 19th when Mars goes direct. It will probably result in more emotional and less communication/information-oriented snafus. And keep in mind that retrograde cycles have a purpose. They are excellent for re-working your plans, editing, writing, renewing your faith, reconnecting with loved ones, and anything that requires that reverse motion. Mars retrograde can help hold you back so you have a chance to review that plan you were going to charge head first towards at full speed without thinking about the potential pitfalls.

Mars also rules anger and passion – two of our strongest emotions that can sometimes have a blurry edge. Mars in retrograde can be helpful to anyone prone to impulsive outbursts (ahem, Aries) by making them slow down their reactions. But when it comes to revisiting your past, everyone is susceptible to wallowing in old pain – tormented passions, burning resentments and that type of thing. If you’re aware of this influence from Mars retrograde you won’t think you’ve regressed back to your first high school crush. You’ll realize that you needed to travel back to these times and feelings so that you can clear out any old baggage that might be limiting your forward progress. The more you clear now, the faster you’ll shoot out of the gates come late May.

Back to the New Moon. This is a great time for forward thinking goals, except that you might have to think a little differently. These next months may be a bit of a metaphorical traffic jam and Pisces offers you an airlift above the congestion so you can get a little space and perspective. So instead of thinking about moving forward, think upward. A wise woman in my life calls that mindset “higher plateau” thinking. When thinking about the next Moon Cycle (from March 1 New Moon through the March 16 Full Moon), go big picture. It’s not a good time for hammering out the details. Let you mind wander freely and dream without inhibition.

Pisces energy is great for getting in touch with your emotions and inner wisdom. This past week I had a truly Piscean experience. One of my jobs is teaching the saxophone to kids and I make house calls. This allows me some drive time to think and listen to what my head and heart have to say. On a recent drive, I found myself in tears thinking how proud I was of one of my student’s incredible talent, progress and accomplishments. They were happy tears, but I was a ball of emotion nonetheless. Then, as soon as my tears had dried, a random bit of information on a topic totally unrelated to music teaching popped into my head (something that was later proven to be accurate). These are Piscean influences. Perhaps you’ve felt some of it? If you have strong Pisces, Virgo, Cancer or Scorpio in your chart, you may be able to relate.

The New Moons are an excellent time to listen to your heart and head – no driving required. Just sitting somewhere peaceful will do. There is a powerful energy starting from the time the Moon is exactly a New Moon that lasts up to 72 hours, though it dissipates as the days go by. I could get technical about why these times are important, and maybe some of you know, but I am going to list the best times to write down your intentions for the next Moon cycle:

Saturday, March 1 – all day and night;

Sunday March 2, midnight to 3:03 am and 10:41 am to 11:59 pm;

Monday, March 3 – midnight to 11:59pm


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