Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Treasure Chests in the Muck: April’s Cardinal Grand Cross


*Note: Nothing is to scale in this illustration.

“So what you’re saying is that April is going to suck,” a recent client said to me during a reading. Well… not necessarily. That doesn’t mean that this month won’t be intense, enlightening, motivating, provoking and uncomfortable. But that may or may not suck, depending on your circumstances and state of mind. This particular client was born April 1, so she is going to be in what I’m calling the “crosshairs” of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Her Sun is at 10 degrees Aries, which puts it within a few degrees of the planet Uranus right now. This alone would be nutty enough, as Uranian energy is the kind of thing that acts like the lightning bolt to jolt you awake and prevent your life from becoming stagnant. In the sign of Aries, your inner desire to make things different can result in head-spinning alterations to your reality. It’s great for when you need a change, and really, Uranus only comes around to bother you when you need  it. You just might not be able to appreciate it in the moment because you’re trying to simultaneously hit the brakes, grab the steering wheel and put on your seatbelt while careening down an unknown road.

Anyway, Uranus will have some cohorts this month and the energy peaks around April 22-25, although you’ll likely feel it right about now and through most of the month. Squaring Uranus on one side will be Pluto, another planet pushing for transformation. Pluto is more of a shadowy force. You may not notice its effect right away, but Pluto’s cumulative impact over time will leave no question in your mind that you have been called out on your fears, your insecurities, your unrealistic expectations and, in the sign of Capricorn, it can represent a loss of innocence so that you can bloom into a more mature version of yourself. On the other side, Uranus is squared by Jupiter, planet of opportunity, expansion and good luck. Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer and it can offer the Yang to Pluto’s Yin. Jupiter can help you make the most of any situation and helps you to see that you had to wade through the swamp or you wouldn’t have stubbed your toe on that treasure chest buried in the muck.

The small, but powerful, planet completing the square and setting everything into  dynamic balance is Mars, which is in the sign of Libra. Mars has been moving in what astrologers call a “retrograde” motion since March 1, meaning to us on Earth, it appears to be moving backwards right now. This caused it to move into a position that will exactly oppose Uranus and square Pluto and Jupiter. Mars, planet of action, volatility, passion, anger and motivation is expressing itself through relationships in the collaborative sign of Libra. Whether you are in a partnership or not right now, this can translate into intense times that challenge us to figure out how to love ourselves and others fiercely and courageously.

Anyone who has their Sun, Moon or other strong doses of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn in their charts will be primed for some big life changes / realizations / shake ups / revolutions /  mind blowing this month. And, if your have your Sun, Moon or other planets on or around 13 degrees of any of these signs, you’re in the crosshairs. I would consider the crosshair birth dates to be these: Aries born March 31 – April 8; Cancers born July 2 to 11; Libras born October 4 – 12; and Capricorns born January 1 – 9. The people with their sun exactly at the same degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross are born January 4, April 3, July 6 and October 7.

Depending on the mix of energies in your birth chart, you may or may not be the type to embrace change. If you already know you’re more of a dig-your-heels-in kind of person, here’s the heads up to seek out a friend this month who you’ve witnessed swaying gracefully as a willow tree in the midst of a storm. The changes coming your way are a gift, but they may have a heck of a wrapping. This is a time to tap into your innate ability to go with the flow or take a crash course from someone who makes transformation look easy, and even exciting. The important thing is that you’re not alone. Even if you are not in the crosshairs or even one of the Cardinal Signs, this Grand Cross will have a global effect. On a big picture, it can uplift the underdogs and show humanity that things do not have to stay the same just because they have a history of being that way. Keep an eye out for themes of recognizing broken systems, people coming together to overcome oppression, individual empowerment and bountiful opportunities.

Sound like a lot? Oh, but that’s not all. By the way, we’re having two eclipses this month, too! The first will be a Lunar Eclipse on April 15th in the sign of Libra (with the Sun in Aries) and the second is a Solar Eclipse on April 29 (west coast) – 30 (east coast) in the sign of Taurus. Eclipses represent change, of all things. So you see no one is really immune to some kind of awakening or transformation this April. It’s my intention to follow up closer to the eclipses and get into more detail on what’s going on there in another blog post. But I should add that Uranus in my birth chart is at 10 degrees Libra, so my life has taken on an electrifying, but somewhat erratic flavor. I kind of can’t get enough of life right now and it’s putting me all over the map. If you haven’t guessed, I’m a change embracer, so hit me up if you are struggling with some of this month’s astrology and I can help you see how awesome it actually is.


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