From Cope to Hope: Wrapping up April’s Astrology, Including the Solar Eclipse in Taurus


Now that April is coming to a close, I am able to take a breath and am wondering how the month has gone for everyone else. The Cardinal Grand Cross (see my last post for more information) was in full swing this past week (4/22-4/25) and I have heard different reports of “intense” happenings. I personally experienced some of the push-pull energy from two of planets that were squaring each other: Mars and Pluto (aggression and power). With Mars somewhat suppressed in both Retrograde and the sign of Libra, the result can often be passive-aggressive behavior.

It seemed to me that there were some weird power struggles afoot, with people attempting to assert themselves through less-than-graceful expressions. With Uranus , the planet of high energy and spontaneity, squaring Pluto and opposing Mars, it was difficult to stay grounded and focus on one thing at a time. There seemed to be a multitude of attention-grabbing inspirations, issues or ideas popping up at every turn in my life.

I’ve heard other astrologers mention the benefit of having a mellow, positive planet such as Jupiter involved in the Grand Cross, and I couldn’t agree more. Jupiter, in the nurturing sign of Cancer, has softened some of the aggressive energies and helped people to remember that they actually do care about one another, for the most part. It’s likely that there were conflicts and confrontations this month, given the strength and nature of the astrology, but it’s just as likely that people realized they won’t be able to adequately take care of themselves without taking care of the people around them.

I think the astrology of the past few weeks has put an emphasis on our interconnectedness and is trying to show us how to acknowledge that without losing our sense of self. That said, Cancer is an emotional sign and Jupiter has an expansive energy, so some drama could have been involved.

It seems that the old structures of every man or woman for themselves are being tested and proving to be ineffective. While Pluto worked to expose any selfishness within relationships, Jupiter waited in opposition to show what a more generous scenario could look and feel like. I believe that part of April’s lessons have to do with learning to compromise, and sometimes sacrifice, for the people and things we care about. And trust in the fact that we’re meant to collaborate with others, and not always serve only ourselves, even when it feels difficult.

Reinforcing the collaborative theme was a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th. This eclipse served as a wake up call for any dysfunction in our relationships. People may have realized that they have some work to do in order to promote more equitable situations with loved ones. And now, just in time, we’re in store for a Solar Eclipse on Monday and will have the chance to experience an awakening around our own self-worth and examine what feeling secure means to us. Eclipses, both Lunar and Solar, symbolize endings and beginnings. There could be a lot of skin shedding going on right now.

environmentalismThe Solar Eclipse won’t be visible to us West Coast people – it will occur at 11:14pm on  Monday, April 28. The Sun and Moon will meet at 8 degrees of Taurus and this combined energy is extremely powerful for new beginnings that involve material possessions, your personal image/appearance, nature and the environment, long term goals, financial planning, and cultivating a more comfortable existence. It’s no coincidence that Earth Day falls while the Sun is in Taurus. This Eclipse can cause an environmental awakening that helps people to place more value on our planet’s natural resources. It’s an excellent chance to see areas of your life where you’ve been “coping” and decide that you and others deserve better.

All day on Tuesday, April 29 will be a potent time to direct your energy towards what you’d like to manifest not just for the next moon cycle, but for the next 6 months, when we’ll experience a new pair of Eclipses. Then, go bigger picture and think about the next 19 years. That’s how long it will take before we get another Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus. For more information, think back to 19 years ago this time of year and see what turns up. I recommend writing down your intentions for maximum results.

With just a few days to go in April 2014, I’d like to congratulate everyone on navigating some of these recent waves created by the current astrology. While it won’t be completely smooth sailing in May, the waters should calm a bit, giving us all a chance to review what just happened.

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