On Your Mark, Get Set… Wait


Tomorrow’s new moon, at 11:40 a.m. PDT, will be in the sign of Gemini, known for being quick witted and socially skilled. After emerging from a month in slow and steady Taurus, when the Sun moved into Gemini last week, we all might have felt like stepping on the gas pedal. Combine that with the fact that Mars, planet of action, finally went direct after nearly three months of retrograde and now we’re talking about pushing the speedometer into the red zone. The new moon will provide a great opportunity to set goals for the coming moon cycle that involve communications, developing new skills and creating a more diverse and happy life. Sounds great, let’s go!

But wait. In just over a week, on June 7th, Mercury will go retrograde until July 1st. Mercury is the planet ruling Gemini and it will also be in the sign of Gemini. This can add up to a whole lot of miscommunication and delays during the month of June. However, if we use our new moon energy wisely, perhaps some thoughtful intentions around communication can help to temper this effect. It can’t hurt. However, knowing that crossed wires are common during Mercury retrograde, especially in the sign of Gemini, can help us to just plan on repeating ourselves slowly and clearly.

Mercury retrograde energy, when properly channeled can be quite beneficial. With some awareness, you can make the most of this planetary influence. For example, Mercury retrograde is a great time for writing projects! While trying to verbalize your thoughts to others can be challenging, turning your attention inward can help you dig out some gems you didn’t even know existed. If you’ve had writer’s block or just suffered from procrastination on a writing project, June is the month for you. Also, Mercury retrograde is extremely helpful for reviewing past situations and conversations in order to achieve a feeling of resolution or closure. It’s all about tying up loose ends that are actually preventing you from moving forward. Using the car analogy, you have the chance to stop the car, look under the bumper and discover whatever piece of debris is dragging.

Sure, the Sun will be in the more languid sign of Cancer by the time Mercury goes direct. But this does not mean that your Gemini energy goes to waste. It is just going to be directed towards cleaning up the past to lighten your load for the road ahead. I’d advise keeping a journal of some of the random thoughts and ideas that may come to you between now and June 20, while the Sun is still in Gemini. Then, when things start moving forward in July, you can run some of your intellectual ideas by your emotional self to see if they still feel right to you.

I’ve already started noticing some of the delays, cancellations and confusing communications that can happen during Mercury Retrograde as we’ve now entered the shadow period. I’ve been feeling that my mind is moving faster than it should and the result can be dashed off emails or texts that are incomplete or hard to follow. I am holding on to the routines that I have personal control over. Other people may be changing the plan around me, but if I can find a way to stick to what I told myself I’d do, then I feel a bit more balanced. That said, I’m prepared to improvise as needed.

By mid-July, we’ll all get to experience what life feels like again without one of the personal planets (Venus, Mars or Mercury) in retrograde. It will be a first for the year 2014, and to many it could feel as if the year is just getting started.