November’s Astrology – From Behind the Curtain to Vast Horizons

This month, Neptune will close the curtain on our subconscious.

This month, Neptune will close the curtain on our subconscious.

Was it just me or did October seem like a long month? Reviewing the past few weeks, it seems improbable that so much occurred in such a short time frame. With Mercury Retrograde Oct. 4-25, it would seem that things would have slowed down. However, seeing as there were two eclipses within a few weeks of each other, last month felt more to me like being in a video tape that was fast forwarding then rewinding in high speed (am I dating myself here?) If you missed my post last month and are left feeling a bit dazed and confused from October, be sure to read what has been happening here.

Anyhow, we have cleared the bigger astrological events of the Fall and are easing into November. You can read your November horoscopes here. For the first week of November, we may be feeling the last of the “shadow” effects of Mercury Retrograde. If possible, wait until after November 8 to make major purchases, sign contracts, commit to new projects or other big life decisions.

We’ve got a Full Moon in the sensual, bountiful and earthy sign of Taurus on November 6th. This can be a good time to reap the rewards from anything you’ve been steadily working towards. Compared to last month’s Full Moon/Eclipse in the intense sign of Aries, this Full Moon should feel more relaxed and put an emphasis on enjoying ourselves. Parties, spa treatments and receiving money or gifts are all favorable. Recognize and celebrate your worth!

Neptune, planet of dreams and the subconscious, turns direct on November 15 after being in retrograde since June 9. Funny thing about Neptune, unlike other planets, it can actually lend us more clarity in retrograde. Have you gotten some insights seemingly out of nowhere during the last five months or so? Any premonitions, funny feelings or oddly predictive dreams? Be sure to jot down important realizations or symbolism that floated to the surface of your consciousness. Once this planet goes direct, it can be like the curtain falling over certain parts of your psyche.

Neptune will be direct through June 12 of 2015 and that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think we’re meant to access all our information all the time. That seems kind of overwhelming. With the Neptunian “now you see it, now you don’t” type of magic, we have the opportunity to get our otherwordly knowledge in smaller, more digestible chunks. Spend the next six months sorting through the flotsam you gathered since last June so you can be prepared to receive new information next summer.

Chiron, an asteroid representative of the “wounded healer” archetype, will turn direct on November 24. Chiron is in the sign of Pisces, as is Neptune. Neptune, Chiron and the sign of Pisces all symbolize healing, so this is a huge theme this month. This is a great time to acknowledge and let go of unhealthy patterns in our lives. Chiron encourages helping others as a way to heal yourself. If you have people in your life who are experiencing loss or stressful situations that resemble something from your past, it’s no coincidence. There’s no better way to truly integrate something into your life than to explain how it affected you to someone else. There is a powerful medicine available when you tell your most painful stories. We’re under the influence of a deeply psychological Scorpio Sun for much of the month, meaning it’s the most appropriate time to address anything seemingly “inappropriate.” If you fear you will be broaching a taboo such as discussing or even thinking about sex, death or other people’s money then you are definitely on the right track!

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, the same day as the New Moon! This can help everyone to lighten up a little. It’s prime time for setting intentions, especially those involving travel, adventure or higher education. The rest of the month can give us the feeling that we’ve ascended onto a higher plateau after slogging around in the muck the past couple of months. With our expanded view, it will be easier to see over any obstacles and get a glimpse of what could be.

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