Astrology is for Lovers

LoversSometimes I’m asked about the best time to get an astrology reading. Often, people come to me for a reading at just the right time in their lives to learn about an important transit they’re having or discover some hidden gifts in their birth chart. With couples, the timing is often more intentional. Couples like to come for an astrology reading so I can look at their charts and show them how their personal planets are working together. It can be helpful for people to learn more about their loved one’s natural style of processing information or communicating.

I’ve seen flashes of understanding and validation cross people’s faces as they see their unique blue print in the form of a birth chart explained in front of their partner. I’ve seen how a couple can feel the relief of adjusted expectations. For example, maybe one partner was expecting the other partner to behave like an Earth sign (practical, pragmatic, steady) when that person has a predominance of water in their chart (emotional, intuitive, creative). It’s not to say people with watery charts can’t get practical, but with astrology charts, we’re talking about your defaults. We all have free will and can learn new behaviors, but our birth charts are kind of like our factory settings. These settings are good to know about, especially for yourself and people you interact with closely. Astrology is a great tool to appreciate each others differences and recognize your common ground. It can be a romantic way to see why you were drawn together and what makes you sizzle.

I don’t think Valentine’s Day is only for couples. I think it’s a day when anyone can celebrate self-love. Individual readings are a great way to get insights on the methods and life directions that are likely to be more successful for you. If getting “in the flow” feels elusive, personal astrology readings can point you to your strengths and help you to find the timing and approaches that will work best for you. And if you are looking for love, astrology is a useful tool to know what type of partner to look for and when your prime time to meet someone might be.

Valentine’s Day, like every holiday, can be over-commercialized and lose it’s meaning. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t meaningful gift options available. My astrology readings are in-depth, personal and will include a beautiful artistic chart that can be saved forever. You’ll also get a written report and audio recording for future reference. Here are the Valentine’s Day specials I’m offering:



Sample Art Chart for Couples

Couple’s Reading + Art Chart $125 – A 1 hour couple’s reading with written report and audio recording plus a beautiful print out of your combined charts on an artistic background.

Individual Reading + Art Chart $85 – A 1 hour reading with written report and audio recording plus a beautiful print out of your birth chart on an artistic background.

How it works – Just email me at to order. Once you’ve placed your order, I’ll send you a gift certificate PDF that you can print out. The readings can be scheduled anytime – there is no expiration date. Art Charts are created by the creative mystic, Stephanie Wilder of Choose your background design and I’ll have the print out ready for you when you come for your reading. Live outside the Portland, OR area? No problem. I can do readings by phone and mail you your Art Chart!

My hope is for each and every one of you to feel an abundance of love this month and every month.


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