is a year old!

Hello everyone, the March Horoscopes are now up. This is an exciting time for me personally, as one year ago on March 1, 2014, I was uploading March horoscopes for the first time to the brand new website. At the time, I had some worries about starting an astrology website and blog. I worried about committing to something that I couldn’t follow through with. I wondered if I would have the time and energy to sustain monthly blog posts and get your horoscopes up on time every month. Although I’m an Aries, I have a Capricorn Moon with Mars in Capricorn. I don’t take commitments lightly, especially if I’ve declared them to the world wide web.

However, my friends and followers have been so encouraging that I’ve been motivated every month to keep up with this work. My hope is that the information provided has been useful to anyone who comes across this site. I am truly looking forward to this coming new year as my astrological new year begins with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. Interestingly, we’ll have a solar eclipse that same day in the last degrees of Pisces. Talk about a powerful New Moon! Later this month, I’ll blog in more detail about the exciting upcoming eclipse season and ways to maximize the power available in the next couple of New Moons. Hint: if you are ready for a “fresh start” in any area of your life, you’ll want to focus your efforts during March and April.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been following this blog and to those who have ever visited Portlanders, mark your calendars for Friday, April 3. Myself and fellow astrologer Stephanie Wilder, of will be at the Aveda Earth Day fundraiser in Portland, OR doing mini readings. This event will feature music, dancing, Aveda product demos and a great community of people. Proceeds to benefit Columbia Riverkeeper. More details soon!

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