Watch Your Rearview Mirror as We Head Into 2016


Hi everyone – Happy 2016. Your January horoscopes are now up. Sorry for the afternoon posting. As some folks know, I’m a musician in addition to an astrologer, so I was joyously ringing in 2016 on stage with my bandmates. As a result, today had a slow start and the horoscopes got posted a little late today. It’s a good analogy for the beginning of 2016 – things may happen a little later than scheduled but if we stay determined we cans stick to our commitments.

I differentiate the changing of the calendar year from the Astrological New Year on March 19, 2016. However, we are changing the number of our year from 2015 to 2016 today, so I’m ok with celebrating that fact with the realization that it’s a time to celebrate our past accomplishments. The Sun is in Capricorn through January 19th this year. Capricorn is known as the builder. This strong, determined energy is not concerned with how long a job will take but with how skillfully it can be done.

We’ll all benefit from the Capricorn mindset this month. With Mercury in retrograde January 5 – 25, things aren’t apt to happen in a hurry. But, we’ll be supported in focusing on our priorities and slowly, diligently working towards our goals. This isn’t a time to start anything new. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I advised starting your New Year’s resolutions back in December.

January will be fantastic for building on our past efforts and resuming any habits we started before the holidays. Hopefully some of you started your exercise routines, journaling, healthy eating or whatever new habits you wanted to instill, prior to December 25. If you’re like me, the days between Christmas and New Year’s are kind of a free for all and most of my routines go out the window.

Now’s a great time to get back into your healthy habits, BUT, if you did not start them last month, it will be difficult to get them to stick now. Best waiting until the February 8th New Moon when we’ll be clear of Mercury retrograde. That’s right, you have an astrological free pass to procrastinate your resolutions another month or so if you have not already started them. This could be great news for someone who was planning to quit drinking Starbucks and then got a generous Starbucks gift card for Christmas. Go ahed and use up your gift card and get back to your resolution next month.

I wanted to take a moment of gratitude to acknowledge the growth of the Cardinal Fire Astrology readership. I’m now headed in to my 3rd year with this site and can compare 2014 to 2015. The readership more than doubled with 2,684 visitors in 2014 compared to 5,448 visitors in 2015. I know that is still pretty small time, but I am happy with this growth and excited to double the amount of visitors next year (slow, steady Capricorn energy). Thanks to all who stop by to read the blog, the horoscopes or learn more about my astrology readings.

Take it easy this month, everyone. There will likely be much work to do, but it will require you to draw upon your past efforts. Expect delays and other snafus and set your mind like a stubborn mountain goat. You may feel the ground slide underfoot and feel as if you’re taking a few steps back. Don’t let this deter you. It’s not a time to force things or abandon your current path. Stick with it, at least long enough to resolve issues from the past. When the February 8 New Moon hits, you’ll be in a much better position to make bigger changes and see your best course of action.