February 2016 Astrology: Cosmic Shoves and Univeral Love


Hi everyone! Welcome to February 2016. Your February 2016 horoscopes are now online. I just returned from some traveling and got this nice photo out the window on the way from Nevada to Eastern Oregon. I love how the road disappears into the distance but seems to point straight ahead as far as the eye can see. There are mountains visible far on the horizon, but know that we’ve got a straight shot to move forward for the time being. It’s a great analogy for February. The next couple of months will be prime for new beginnings! Starting with the New Moon February 8th, which is also the Chinese New Year, we’ll feel the power to initiate and commit to what we want. As the next few months unfold, we’ll feel the energy build. March brings us two eclipses plus the Vernal Equinox which will definitely kick us in the butt if we haven’t already begun to work on what needs to change in our lives. Might as well start in February and use March’s momentum to further your initial efforts.

Uranus continues to square Pluto tightly this month, which can create feelings of restlessness and stress. To those who have been following this aspect, I know it seems like Uranus has been squaring Pluto forever! The Uranus-Pluto square has been at work since 2010 helping us to acknowledge our inner desires and capabilities. Even though this phenomenon peaked in 2012-2015, we are definitely still in the influence through May of 2017.  Think of the extra pressure felt now as that final push to follow through with what’s already been brewing.

Depending on your Sun Sign, you may be feeling the Uranus-Pluto square more acutely. If you were born in early to mid January, April, July or October, you might be ready to make some big changes and it could feel a bit overwhelming at times. Just know that you’re getting a loving shove towards what you’re meant to be doing. Just like the mama birds push their young out of the nest, Uranus and Pluto are doing their best to make sure you overcome fears, get serious about what you want and courageously move ahead. 

As we head forward this month remember that we’re not in this alone. On February 18 the Sun moves into Pisces, the sign representing Universal Love. Life is a group effort. What we do in our daily lives can affect those half way around the planet whom we’ve never met. What if we all were on the same team? How can we help each other and be more compassionate? What if we didn’t assume to know everyone’s circumstances and released judgment? Start with being more loving to yourself and let the positive energy ripple outward.


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