Mercury Retrograde + Mars Retrograde in May 2016

Hi everyone,

In an effort to not work on the weekend (this can be hard for me!) I am uploading your May Horoscopes a couple of days early. Do what you can to start things early in May, since we are more susceptible to delays thanks to Mars and Mercury both being in Retrograde. Mars turned retrograde yesterday (April 28) and will go direct on May 22. However, we’ll be in the shadow of this phenomenon through the end of May. Mars turned retrograde April 17 and will not go direct until June 29. Read more on Mars retrograde here.

With these two inner planets in retrograde, we’ll get a double slow down and we could be reminded of our own limitations. Mars, usually propelling us forward, is now turning our energy inward. Have you been questioning your current methods of getting from A to B? Perhaps you’re more aware of what type of approach works for you and what doesn’t. If you have Aries rising, Mars is your “chart ruler” and you may be feeling what’s going on with Mars quite strongly.

A good Aries rising friend of mine nailed it: “It feels like I need to pause & reflect and have a real desire to be inward, connect with myself and see what is really going to match up with my values, be sustainable and make me proud and happy.” Yep. Instead of jumping into things, we’re more compelled to consider how our actions will affect us. This can be hard for Aries, Aries rising or Aries Moon types who are used to leaping before they look. But for everyone, this is an excellent opportunity for reflection and positive adjustments to the way we take action.

With Mercury retrograde in the mix, things could seem a little more disorganized than usual and scattered thoughts could be distracting and cause errors. Mercury is in Taurus, a sign known for moving methodically. In retrograde, it will become almost mandatory for people to slow down and triple-check their work. This is a fantastic energy for slogging step-by-step through unfinished projects (once you can get into the spirit and carve out ample time). Taurus rules money, so financial clean up can be successful during this month. Try to avoid starting anything new and making big decisions or commitments. Sometimes we just can’t control the timing of events the way we’d like. If you must make a big purchase or sign a contract, for example, try to give yourself “loopholes” for changes, negotiation and exchanges down the line.

The May 6 New Moon is in the midst of all this retrograde energy. This New Moon in Taurus will support setting intentions related to money, among other things (your values and self-worth). Most people I know aren’t eager to delay taking action when it comes to money, but that’s just what this month’s astrology calls for. If you’re dealing with the past, that’s a different story. Collect on debts, repay those you owe and straighten out neglected financial situations. However, I’d recommend waiting until later this summer (late July – August) before diving into a brand new money-making plan.

The Full Moon May 21 will be in Sagittarius, a sign associated with travel, adventure and higher education. This fiery Full Moon should help to break up some of the more stagnant energies afoot this month. Since it falls on a Saturday, I’m thinking this will be one of the more festive nights in May – plan accordingly.

Wish me luck, everyone. Not only is Mars my chart ruler, it is also being zapped by Uranus, which is currently squaring it exactly. In non-astro speak, this means I have a large infusion of energy and ideas, but a limited amount of space to move at the moment. This is how it feels, anyway. It’s as if I’m in a tiny room, a room stacked with work, but I am longing to be exploring the lands outside the window. I know I just need to buckle down and finish what’s in front of me, but I am finding it hard to concentrate (Mercury retro). My astro prescription for myself is to spend some time connecting with nature and to do something I heard about called “relaxing,” when I can.

Need an astro prescription of your own? Contact me at for a personalized reading. Sending everyone strength, determination, patience and peace this month!