Mars Retrograde, Summer Solstice and Other June Astrology

Happy June everyone! If you haven’t checked out your June horoscopes yet, they are available here. As I write this, I’m on a plane at about 30,000 feet, making me feel especially close to our astrology this month. We’re just a few weeks away from the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, which is Winter Solstice for you folks down under. Solstices mark not only seasonal shifts, but also indicate significant points in our calendar year. We often feel that we’re putting a wrap on one section of the year and embarking on either a time of fruitfulness (Summer Solstice) or reflection (Winter Solstice). Both occasions give us reason to celebrate. We’ve made it through another seasonal cycle and we can evaluate our accomplishments. Looking forward to the next six-month stretch, we can ask ourselves what we want next and consider our path ahead.

We’ve got a New Moon on June 4 in Gemini. This is a great New Moon for cultivating the connections and knowledge we desire. For all you writers out there, this is a great time to set intentions for a writing project such as a book or blog. Everyone can use this New Moon to increase intellectual resources. What are the “missing pieces” to a problem you face? Are you lacking skills or know-how? Can you learn what you need in a class? Can a friend, mentor or counselor teach you? What DIY resources (YouTube, Google, Books, etc.) are available to help you? Put out the call this New Moon to attract the information you need to make decisions and break through any mental “blocks.”

This month we are feeling the undiluted effects of Mars retrograde. Last month, both Mercury and Mars were retrograde, which may have caused a bit of mental confusion and “crossed wires.” I’m not sure I could really distinguish between the effects of Mars or Mercury. It just felt to me like running on a treadmill—lots of effort to keep from slipping backwards. Now that Mercury is direct, I feel mentally calmer moving through the same quantity, if not more, work than last month. Mars began its retrograde journey in Sagittarius and this month it has retreated to 28 degrees of Scorpio. When it finally turns direct on June 29, it will be at 23 degrees of Scorpio, setting us up to experience all of July with Mars in Scorpio as well.

However, Mars in Scorpio in retrograde will likely feel quite different than Mars in Scorpio direct. And Mars retrograde without Mercury retrograde can bring things down to a much more emotional level. In June, we may find ourselves doing more feeling and less thinking. All those feelings you pushed to the back of your mind to avoid dealing with? Don’t be surprised if they begin to move through you demanding your attention. Scorpio is a passionate sign, representing the purest, most raw versions of our emotions. Mars is intense, impatient, angry, amorous, ambitious and uncensored. Our inner dialogues could get quite interesting! We’ll be wise to take a pause before sharing any of what we’re thinking and feeling with others.

Mars in Scorpio is non-judgmental, and in retrograde it encourages us to do an honest self-evaluation. Imagine inviting your “dark side” over for dinner to learn more about them. This can be an important step towards self-acceptance. The “rational” versions of ourselves may not agree with everything our subconscious puts before us, but it is a great time to make peace with ourselves instead of trying to deny a portion of our essence. I would highly recommend creative endeavors this month! Poetry, songwriting, painting and other metaphorical forms of communication can help us to give a voice to our inner demons. If difficult feelings rear their head, this is a great time to get real and transform discomfort into empowerment. There’s a lot that is out of our control in this world but we can control how we experience and express emotion!

I’d also like to mention Saturn and Neptune, which are in a tight square this month. This square is something that’s been going on much of 2016 and represents stabilization (Saturn) meeting the ethereal (Neptune). Flying on an airplane right now, I am feeling these two energies at work! The band I’m in is planning a “tour of dreams” for the Fall (Neptunian bliss!). But, there are a lot of details to figure out (Saturnian reality). These next few months are a great time to do the legwork necessary to actualize imagined events. What do you have the power to do right now to pave the way for your future adventures?

Then there’s Jupiter in Virgo, another energy of controlled expansion. As Jupiter squares Saturn and opposes Neptune, we’ll benefit from some lucky breaks. BUT, to enjoy the greatest rewards, we’ll need to put ourselves in the path of success by working for what we want. Now is not the time to get greedy or lazy. What can we do to move ahead that won’t over-extend ourselves or come at the expense of others? We will get extra points for compassionate idealism and an honest work ethic.

Neptune will turn retrograde on June 13, beginning a shift in consciousness that will last the next five months. When Neptune is in retrograde, we can access more of our subconscious and intuition. Knowing what we know about Mars retrograde in Scorpio, the second half of June has the potential to be mind-blowingly enlightening. But, the days around June 13 as Neptune is stationing retrograde can mess with us a little. Mental “fog” is common around Neptune stations. I’d avoid important decisions or interactions from June 10-15 just to be safe.

June’s Full Moon will be on June 20, the same day as the Solstice. At 29 degrees of Sagittarius, it can almost guarantee a good time! This Full Moon will generate high-energy, optimistic vibes. The glass won’t be half-full; it will appear to be overflowing. Drink up!

One thought on “Mars Retrograde, Summer Solstice and Other June Astrology

  1. Stephanie,

    You are spot on regarding Mars in Scorpio. In the past few days, I’ve accepted the limitations regarding my health. In doing so, I gained greater clarity and understanding in my search for a new home.

    Thanks for the planetary insight.



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