Use the Power of the New Moon to Set Your Fitness Goals (And Other Goals!)


I’ve been working out at Fulcrum Fitness for years and am a professional astrologer. After talking to Fulcrum’s founder David Levy, we decided that it would be cool for me to share some astrological information about how to use the New Moon can be a really powerful way to boost your fitness goals. I wrote this post for my “FitFam” at Fulcrum, but really it’s for everyone!

I have been fortunate enough to work for the world famous astrologer, Jan Spiller for the past three and a half years and am continuing her legacy by writing forecasts, horoscopes and reports on her site, Though Jan has now left her Earthly body, she leaves behind an incredible legacy in her books and teachings. I highly recommend Jan’s book, “New Moon Astrology,” as a guide for setting intentions at the New Moon.

In her book, Jan reminds us that for centuries, agricultural cultures have used the Moon cycles to time the planting their crops. The New Moon is always a time to plant seeds. The Farmer’s Almanac supplies dates and phases of the Moon to determine the best time to plant in order to ensure the greatest yield. It’s the same principal in our personal lives. The New Moon is a time that promotes all forms of growth.

In September, we’ll experience two new moons, and one of them will be a Solar Eclipse! The Virgo New Moon / Solar Eclipse will be on September 1st at 2:03am Pacific Daylight Saving Time. When a New Moon combines with a Solar Eclipse (this occurs about twice a year), the power is intensified. Because Virgo is a sign representing health and wellness, the September 1st New Moon will be the most powerful time of 2016 to set fitness goals! That makes it especially cool that the Vancouver Fulcrum Fitness will be opening on that same date.

Here’s what Jan says about setting New Moon intentions: it’s advisable to write down your goals by hand and limit them to no more than 10. The timing is very important. We get a lot of power at the New Moon, but there are times when the energy is stagnant that we want to avoid.

For the September 1st New Moon / Solar Eclipse, here are the best times to write down your intentions:

  • Thursday, September 1 from 2:03am to midnight
  • Friday, September 2nd from 12:01am to 3:13pm.

These are Pacific times.

For this Virgo New Moon, think about routines, details and refining. Virgo energy is all about scheduling! Some great things to focus on for your goals could be setting your workout schedule weeks in advance, getting to bed at a regular time each night, eating meals at the same time each day and taking a move from class to try and refine like your clean, Kettlebell swing, Turkish Get Up, etc. These are just examples. Get creative and think about what you could work on improving or making more consistent related to your fitness and health.

The second New Moon of September will be in Libra on September 30. I’ll be writing again closer to that time to tell you all about the best types of fitness goals to focus on for that New Moon. If you have questions about using the New Moon to set intentions or have other types of astrology questions, feel free to contact me at

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