2017 is Here and it Will be Anything But Boring!

“Plan, plan, plan, and maximize your fire!”


Hello, everyone. Your first horoscopes of 2017 are now online. We have a lot of dynamic astrology going into the New Year, even though Mercury will be retrograde until January 8th. We’ll clear the shadow phase of this phenomenon January 22nd. Sit tight with your New Year’s resolutions until the January 27th New Moon. That’s right, you’ve got astrological approval to put off starting new goals until the end of the month. Use the first few weeks of January to finish up anything you’ve started and clear space for the new energy that will begin to come into your life around the end of the month.

Not only do we have a New Moon on the 27th, but Mars will move into Aries on the 27th or 28th, depending on your time zone. This will boost everyone’s desire to initiate action. Set your goals on the 27th or 28th and prepare for big results! There’s a lot going on in the sky this year, especially for fire signs. I’ve done an overview of some of the defining astrology of 2017. Take some deep breaths and use this Mercury retrograde time to get some extra rest, especially if you are a fire sign or have strong fire in your chart.

Uranus-Pluto Square Back in Action and Packing a Punch

Remember the Uranus-Pluto square that began back in 2008 and peaked between 2012 and 2015? (If not, you can find some information in some of my previous blog posts over the years.)  Well, it hasn’t officially ended. That won’t happen until late spring of 2018 and we begin this year with these two powerful planets tightly squaring each other. A rebellious energy will show us lots of resistance to the powers that be. This lines right up with the inauguration of Donald Trump. We can expect lots of protests, and I personally hope they will be peaceful, but there is so much fire energy at work this year that it will be difficult to contain people’s passionate self-expression. The polarization we’re feeling right now in U.S. politics is a culmination of this Uranus-Pluto square that encourages citizens to value their freedoms, question authority and rid government and corporations of corruption. Pluto has a way of making things worse before they get better. We’ve been facing some rude awakenings that will force us to be less apathetic and walk our talk.


February 2017 Eclipses Will Amplify Our Inner Truth

We’ll experience two eclipses in February 2017, when the Uranus-Pluto square will be tight, which will make it an emotionally-charged month. The Lunar Eclipse occurring February 10th will help us to see the importance of joyful self-expression and creativity in our lives. Aha moments will be likely, and we can discover the importance of detaching from drama.

We’ll experience a Solar Eclipse on February 26th at 8 degrees Pisces that will be helpful for developing intuition and inner peace. Give yourself the time and space needed to listen to your innate wisdom. Take time to meditate and find a creative outlet to help yourself stay balanced when stressful circumstances are out of your control.


Saturn-Uranus Trine Will Light a Fire Under Procrastinators

Unlike years past, the Uranus-Pluto square will be tempered by a trine between Uranus and Saturn during all of 2017. This is an exciting aspect that will help to facilitate a successful merging of very different energies. In one of my upcoming Astrological Edge columns for Dell Horoscope Magazine, I use the analogy that Saturn is the contractor and Uranus is the demolition crew. Both are needed to rebuild a house, but each role is very different. Uranus has been creating a lot of raw inspiration, impatience, and angst that can now be channeled productively thanks to this cooperative trine with Saturn. 2017 will be a great year to stop procrastinating and start doing. If you are a fire sign or have strong fire in your chart, you could feel especially antsy, which will be great for taking the plunge on a big life change that you’ve been afraid to initiate. Plan, plan, plan, and maximize your fire!

Get ready for May-July, as these will be especially powerful months. On May 10th, the North Node (kind of a guiding compass for us all) will move into Leo and begin to create a fiery triangle with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. We’ll be clear of Venus and Mercury retrograde energies May – July while this powerful trine is peaking so we can really fast track our dreams, especially if they involve being original, creative, and following our inner truth.


Venus Retrograde Helps to Rebalance Our Relationships

Venus will be retrograde March 4th to April 15th. During these days, we will be encouraged to evaluate our relationships, resources and self-worth. This will be a useful time to see relationship problems realistically and determine if we’re being treated fairly. Some people may be tempted to end or begin a partnership around this time, but it won’t be advisable to make major relationship decisions during Venus retrograde. Instead, take note of your realizations and analyze the information. Once Venus has gone direct, it will be easier to see your best course of action. Of course, this doesn’t apply for situations that feel dangerous. Venus advocates taking care of yourself first and foremost.


August Eclipses Encourage Freedom and Living from the Heart

We’ll have two eclipses in August that will promote making changes to align with our heart’s desire. There will be a Lunar Eclipse occurring August 7th that will help us to take a step back and assess our situation logically, which can help to diffuse overly dramatic interactions. Innovative solutions may be revealed at that time.

Lunar Eclipses have the power to illuminate situations in our lives that require our attention. This eclipse may highlight issues with friends or within your community. Humanitarian rights will be a big theme and people will be feeling a strong need to exercise their personal freedom. This Lunar Eclipse will be in Aquarius, a sign associated with sudden change. By staying flexible during unexpected circumstances, we’ll be able to find the opportunity for growth during this time. We’re scheduled to shake things up around this Eclipse time.

The August 21st Solar Eclipse will stimulate our desire for more joy, playfulness and creativity. From August 21 until the next Eclipses of February 2018, we’ll be learning about what brings us joy. It will be a great time to remember the activities we enjoyed as children. Perhaps we’ll need to go outside and “play!” We can make the most of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse in Leo by engaging with others and participating more fully in life. This will be the time to create our own destiny and take the risks necessary to bring more joy into our lives.

These are some of the highlights of 2017’s astrology, but of course there will be a lot more going on with the planets that will be described as we go through the year on this blog and on janspiller.com. If you are looking for an in-depth report about how the astrology of 2017 will affect your Sun Sign, please visit https://www.janspiller.com/sun-sign-predictions/.

I look forward to interpreting the astrology of 2017 for you as we move through the year. We have lots of work to do together here on planet Earth and I’m honored to contribute by offering information that can help people make the most of astrological timing and the gifts outlined in their birth chart. Wishing you all a year of fulfillment, laughter, love, and enlightenment!


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