Into the Eclipses We Go

Hi everyone! Here comes February, 2017. Your horoscopes are online HERE. I’m proud to display my new zodiac symbols created by Portland illustrator Melissa Alford of Mellifera Arts. Her gothic style expresses the Mars/Pluto in Scorpio conjunction in her birth chart beautifully. I highly recommend her services!

SO. January was kind of a doozy and we haven’t even hit the first Eclipses of 2017 yet. If you read last month’s blog post, you’ll know that the Uranus-Pluto square was in full force. These transformational energies will continue in February. In fact, we can expect things to escalate. We experiences eclipses twice per year, usually in pairs (though sometimes we’ll get three in a row). On February 10th, we’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. With the Full Moon in Leo and the Sun in rebellious Aquarius, it will be difficult to keep our footing. Even the most even-keeled of us can expect to feel unsettled. The flavor of this Eclipse will be especially fiery as the Full Moon will be trining both revolutionary Uranus and authoritarian Saturn. The result will be a stagnancy-buster that can launch us into the next phase of our lives.

The good news is that both Leo and Aquarius really do have their heart in the right place. Look for opportunities to turn passionate emotion into acts of generosity and humanitarian kindness. Personally, this eclipse may help us to reconfigure a relationship that’s been heading off the rails. For single people, this month offers a prime opportunity to change your relationship status. Valentines’s Day takes on a sweet tone this year since we’ll enjoy a harmonious Moon in Libra that evening. And, with Mars and Venus in Aries nearly all month, sparks will fly. February may be emotionally trying, but it will still be one sexy month.

The energy will peak continue right through the end of the month, when Mars will be conjunct Uranus, acting as gasoline on the fire happening between Saturn and Uranus. Things will likely be happening faster than we may feel comfortable with. Even fire signs could have trouble keeping up, but they’re likely to enjoy the thrill of the ride a little more than their earth and air sign friends. As electrifying as all this fire energy will be, keep in mind that the voltage will be amped up all year long. Don’t burn yourself out in the first two months!

There will be a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th that will be extremely valuable for letting go of fantasies and the ways we’ve been fooling ourselves. Pisces is also ruler of addictions so this will be a powerful eclipse for those looking to quit any unhealthy habits. In addition, the Pisces Solar Eclipse can be used to jump start creative projects and promote compassion and forgiveness. But, on the days around the Eclipse, it could just feel like a big emotional soup. Let it simmer and check in with yourself at the beginning of March. We’re all on track to start a healing process that will unfold between now and the next set of Eclipses in August.

Jupiter will station retrograde on the 6th, beginning a cycle lasting until June 9. When Jupiter’s retrograde, the buck stops with us. We’re being called to look within and determine if we’re truly living in our integrity. This can boost our personal growth and help us to reconnect with our principles. Jupiter will be in opposition to Uranus during February and March, which will ignite our desire for more freedom in our lives. Between the Eclipses and this Jupiter-Uranus opposition, it may feel near impossible to maintain “business as usual.” It will become obvious that in order to grow, we’ll need to make some changes.

We’ll also be feeling a square between Jupiter and Pluto the next several months that will highlight cracks in the structural foundation of society, and particularly governments, corporations and other forms of authority. Astrology is simple and amazing. You really don’t need an astrologer to tell you that systems are crumbling around us, but it is affirming to me to track the planetary patterns and look for relief in the next round of transits (Not this year, folks. Maybe next year). That’s not to say we won’t be making progress, but we’re kind of in the middle of something here. There is a huge emphasis on history repeating itself. However, the astrology also promotes opening our eyes to the truth. There is an enormous cosmic push preventing us from turning a blind eye to what needs to be recognized, and that is never comfortable, but definitely necessary.

Ah, what to leave you with on a high note. Did I mention February would be sexy?  But seriously, these times are a chance to up our game and the astrology promotes evolving into better versions of ourselves. It’s time to look our potential in the eye. No going back now – we know too much!