Happy Birthday, Cardinal Fire Astrology! March Horoscopes are Ready

Hi Everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of March. Your March Horoscopes are ready! I will be blogging in greater detail about what March holds for us, including a run down on Venus retrograde, the upcoming Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year / Aries New Moon on March 27. But, I just need a few days to recover.

We had some intense Eclipses in February. As always happens to me after Eclipses, I need to take some time to process. It was a big month for relationship-related realizations, awakening to a more “real” part of ourselves, and emotional purging. That process will continue to unfold and I think the upcoming Venus Retrograde will help us to see just what’s what. That said, I wouldn’t schedule any big decisions or commitments for March, or April for that matter. Try to continue working with what you have. There should be plenty of material.

I’m proud to announce that on March 1, the Cardinal Fire Astrology Blog turns 4 years old! This blog certainly doesn’t mark the beginning of my astrology career, but it was a big step I took to bring my work into the world. As you can see by the graphic, this blog’s readership is growing!!! I’m nearing the total number of views for 2015 as we close the second month of 2017. I’m always so honored to see the numbers of readers who check in to read their horoscopes and this blog. Thank you.

I’ve got some big things in the works. Stay tuned for more info. about a lecture I’ll be co-presenting on the Grand Fire Trine of 2017 with Elizabeth Russell of Be Space Integrative Arts. The lecture will be Sunday, April 30 at Sacred Money Studios in  Multnomah Village. We hope to whet your appetite for a 3-part workshop we’ll be offering in May and June.

I have to keep it brief for now. More soon, I promise!

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