Mercury Retrograde and Other April 2017 Astrological Happenings

Hi, everyone! Well, for retrograde season, time certainly seems to be passing quickly. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good time to start new things however. We’ve got another 6 weeks to wrap up unfinished business. If you haven’t read your April Horoscopes yet, they’re waiting for you ( April brings double retrograde energies. On March 4th, Venus began her retrograde journey, starting at 13 degrees of Aries, and as I’ve been writing this, Venus just moved back into the last degree of Pisces this evening (Sunday, April 2nd at 5:25pm PDT).

If you’ve been working on any creative projects, the mojo just got enhanced to help you finish what you’ve started. Pisces is the ruler of creativity, and particularly music. I plan to use this energy over the next couple of weeks to polish up some parts I’ve been learning on some Billie Holiday songs, most of which were written in the 1920’s or earlier – talk about retrograde! (Ruth, if you’re reading this – the Sugar solo is gonna be awesome!)

Venus Retrograde in Pisces

So, we have Venus traveling in retrograde through Pisces until April 15 (the day I’m performing said songs with Ruth Oliver in the Billie Holiday tribute show in Portland, OR!) After this date, we’re likely to feel more of a flow towards initiating new creative endeavors, a fresh start in relationships, and new business / money-making projects. Although Venus Retrograde’s shadow phase will end around May 3rd, Hold off on pushing the “go” button until after May 17, when we’ll be clear of Mercury retrograde.

Before giving the scoop on Mercury retrograde, I do want to mention that this final leg of Venus retrograde can bring up a lot of emotions around relationship. Venus rules love, and while Venus has been retrograde in Aries, many people got a bit “fired up” about things they want to change in their current relationship, or their approach to relationships in general. However, this may have been more of a temper flare up that didn’t get to the root of the issue.

Now that Venus is back into spiritual, compassionate Pisces, we might have a chance to understand more of what’s going on in our hearts. It’s likely that something we were angry or hurt about in February and March might be viewed with a wider lens this month. Not to say it won’t get weepy. It might. But, you’ll be able to see more than just your point of view. Pay as much attention to what other people don’t say as to what they do verbally express. Much of the resolution available for partnerships is based on feelings that almost can’t be described in words. Trust that you know what you know and experiment with speaking through your energy field in addition to using your words.

Here’s the scoop on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from April 9th to April 19th, and continue in retrograde in Aries from April 20th to May 2nd. We’re in the shadow, NOW! So, avoid making big commitments, decisions or purchases until after mid-May if you can. Sometimes you just can’t avoid the timing. Do your best to postpone locking yourself into something that feels permanent. Remember that most things aren’t permanent. You have free will to change your mind. Build in room to re-negotiate in the coming months. Most of all, everyone will need to be patient this month. It’s just not the time to force anything through. Finish what’s on your plate, do your homework for future plans, and admit when it’s time to call it a day. Your long-term plans will still be there tomorrow. It will be a wonderful time to reach out to old friends or anyone you haven’t talked to in a while. The energies will promote reconnecting and reunions.

The Full Moon this month will be in Libra (yup, more partner stuff). Keep things in perspective around this Full Moon (April 11) as emotions will be elevated and the likelihood of misunderstandings will be increased. The April New Moon will be in Taurus on the 26th. It will be a great time to set intentions related to money, self-worth, your body, and/or deriving more pleasure out of life.

April Events – Mark your Calendars!

Alberta St. “Office Hours – I wanted to remind Portland-area people about some events I have going in April. Starting April 7th, I’ll be keeping “office hours” each Friday evening from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in the little cottage near Alberta St. and NE 29th Ave. in Portland, OR. Drop in for a 15-minute mini-reading, or book ahead for an hour consultation! If you’re walking East, it’s right before you get to La Bonita and the former location of Clary Sage Herbarium. Clary Sage has moved to the other side of La Bonita. I WON’T be in the store. But I would recommend shopping there – they have an amazing selection of herbal remedies, teas, tinctures, and flower essence oils. To find me, just follow the little path back to the cottage. I’ll have a sandwich board sign out.

Living From Your Fire Lecture April 30th – Sunday, April 30th I’ll be giving a lecture on “The Grand Fire Trine” of 2017 alongside Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace ( If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry! I’ll explain the concepts in layman’s terms and help you see why this summer will be such an exciting time to follow your passion. The lecture will be at Sacred Money Studios in downtown Multnomah Village from noon to 1:30 pm. It’s free (donations accepted) and open to all.

Hope to see you sometime this month.



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