Jupiter Stations Direct, Neptune Stations Retrograde, and the Grand Trine Burns Brightly

Here comes June. As promised, your monthly horoscopes are ready! This will be one of the first months this year that is completely free of retrograde energy. Are you feeling it? The Grand Trine in the Fire signs is fully ablaze. If you aren’t familiar with this astrology, be sure to give a listen to the lecture I gave on this topic at the end of April: https://soundcloud.com/cardinal-fire-astrology/living-from-your-fire-43017-edit

Basically, we have the green light to move forward on new ideas this month, and the current astrology promotes making bold changes that will propel us towards a life that is more inspired! While the Grand Trine in the Fire Signs is pretty radical, it’s ok to take baby steps. When it comes to the things that your spirit needs, I am a firm believer that doing something is better than doing nothing. If you wait for the perfect circumstances when you just have enough time, money, confidence, etc. you could miss the opportunity to feel a little bit fulfilled right now. And a little fulfillment goes a long way. It tends to snowball as you start to value yourself more.

Jupiter will station direct on the 9th, which is also the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon. With Jupiter as the ruling planet of Sagittarius, that’s going to be a strong concentration of energy is this sign. Sagittarius symbolizes freedom, philosophy, adventure, seeking knowledge, living life to the fullest, optimism, and spirituality. Jupiter’s station direct can help you take some of the dreams and wild ideas you’ve been brewing internally and help you to find an external outlet for them. We all have a free spirited side, and when we honor this part of ourselves, we get back in touch with what makes life meaningful to us. This is a great time to think about why you’re here at this particular moment in time and what you want to learn and experience to promote your spiritual growth.

Neptune will station retrograde on the 16th, which will shift our consciousness towards anything that’s been hidden in our psyche. This could be information we’ve hidden from ourselves or that others have been concealing. We’ll gain access to the information that we know, but didn’t know that we knew. Or we did know, but denied knowing it. You know? Neptune will stay retrograde until November 22nd this year, giving us a 5-month stretch to gather intuitive insights and feel more psychically connected to others. Meditation and journaling during this time period is highly recommended. Once Neptune goes direct again, it’s as if a certain door closes and we won’t have access to some of this cosmic intelligence.

We have the Summer Solstice to look forward to on June 21st, which is also international “Make Music Day.” I plan to celebrate whole heartedly! At the Solstice, we have a chance to take a breath, take stock, and feel gratitude for the gifts of the year so far. Even if it’s been a tough year – and it has for many – there is a light of love and hope available this time of year to uplift those who acknowledge it. Get with your people and create some positive vibrations. The New Moon will be in Cancer on June 23rd. This is an excellent New Moon to set intentions related to your living situation, relationship with family, feeling secure, and cultivating emotional sensitivity.

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