When the Water Seeks the Thirsty: November 2018 Astrology

Hi everyone, November is here! Your monthly horoscopes and tarotscopes are online!

We’re getting the month started with a Full Moon in Taurus tonight (Friday, 11/3) at 10:23pm Pacific Time, tomorrow (11/4) at 1:23am Eastern Time. This Full Moon is all about our sense of security, values, pleasures, and resources. It can be easier to see what you need to stabilize your situation and there’s less likely to be “gray areas” when it comes to where you want to invest your time and energy. So much of the current astrology has to do with feelings.

Both the Sun and Jupiter are in Scorpio, magnifying the emotions that have been brewing beneath the surface. Taurus is the sign opposite Scorpio, yet it also has to do with what we feel in a practical, tangible way. What feels good? What feels safe? What people or activities make you feel valued?

So, how about that Jupiter in Scorpio? It’s working its way towards a trine with Neptune in Pisces by the end of the month. This will offer a window into some of 2018’s most powerful astrology.  Jupiter, like Saturn is known as a teacher, but unlike Saturn, it’s known to offer a kindler, gentler approach to life lessons. BUT. Scorpio isn’t concerned with keeping things comfortable. So, Jupiter expressed through Scorpio is more of a Mr. Miyagi kind of teacher. It will bring about the kind of training that messes with your head in order to get you to think more for yourself. And, you may have to get broken down a little in order to build yourself back up.

However, luck will be on your side as will divine timing. Jupiter’s trine to Neptune will give us a direct line to not only our own subconscious, but also the great collective wisdom. Whether you call it your Higher Power, God, Goddess, Angels, or whatever title aligns with your beliefs, this is the energy we can all access in the coming months. Look for signs that you’re on the right (or wrong) path. Don’t expect to have all the answers arrive in a linear, logical way. Take “coincidences” seriously and recognize their meaning. Be ready to learn and be humbled.

I’m so energized about the Jupiter-Neptune trine, that I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop on this unique astrology on November 18th here in Portland, Oregon. Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace and myself will guide participants through the spiritual and psychological implications of this astrology and help them to personalize it by using their unique birth chart to see which areas of life may be impacted for them. We’ll be incorporating creative process during the day to help get thoughts and ideas out of the subconscious and in front of us for examination. It’s going to be some powerful stuff! If you’re in the Portland area, and wish to find out more about this workshop, visit bespacepdx.com. We’ll be in the beautiful classroom space at Healing Waters just off NE Broadway and 25th Avenue.

November 18th happens to be the New Moon in Scorpio – no coincidence there. In addition to working with the Jupiter-Neptune trine, it will be an ideal afternoon to  set intentions related to all things Scorpio such as intimacy, sex, regeneration, shared finance, psychological healing, and listening to your intuition. The Jupiter-Neptune trine will really be warming up, so it’s the ideal timing to find out how to work with this energy.

Heads up – Mercury will be stationing retrograde on December 3rd. This means we’ll enter the shadow phase around the 19th of this month. Yep, that New Moon on the 18th is just under the wire. Make your intentions on the 18th before that retrograde energy creeps in. After the 19th, your best bet is to focus on resolving the past and finishing what you’ve started. As the month winds down, follow the astrological cues to slow down and sit with your thoughts. Take a step back and try to analyze your life through the eyes of an objective party. Channel a wise mentor, friend, or counselor. What advice can you offer yourself? If you get stumped, you could actually ask a wise mentor, friend, or counselor! But, it’s always good to begin seeking your answers from within. You know what you need.

I hope to see some Portland friends at the November 18th workshop. At last count we had 7 more spots open, so now’s the time to get registered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com if you’re feeling in need of a personal reading.