Happy New Year from Cardinal Fire Astrology!

Cardinal Fire Astrology readership growth

Readership grew in leaps and bounds this year!

On this last day of 2017, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Cardinal Fire Astrology this year. As many people know, I took a big step to put more energy towards my astrological work in 2017, and I’ve reaped rewards on many levels. I’m ending this year full of gratitude and if you’re reading this, you were a big part of my personal and professional growth! The astrological transits I’ve been experiencing have pushed me to challenge myself and engage in collaborations that allow me to keep my own identity. At the end of this post, I’ll give some shout outs to the teammates who helped bring Cardinal Fire Astrology to the next level.

But first, some words for you about 2018. People tend to ask astrologers if the coming new year will be a “good” or “bad” year. If only it were that simple! I will say that it won’t be business as usual. The astrology of 2017 set the stage to open more than one can of worms, and that mess isn’t going away any time soon. We’ll spend more than half of 2018 under the influence of either Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, or Venus retrograde. We’ll have to deal with what’s happened before we can move forward. And, this applies to both the big picture as well as our personal lives.

The first three months of the year will be the best time to initiate new plans, so plant your seeds while you can. There’s still a lot that can be accomplished in a retrograde cycle. But, you’ll need to draw on skills and resources that you already have. Instead of trying to blaze new trails, try getting innovative and reworking an existing plan. 2017 was all about doing, but 2018 will encourage more thoughtfulness and spiritual connection. Do less and place more meaning on the things you choose to do.

Trust me, the energy generated this year is more than enough to work with. Don’t keep running. Slow down and spend your energy maintaining what you’ve got. In fact, you may want to pare down. The astrology will encourage intuitive decision making over playing it by the books. And for goodness sake, don’t try and take the action that will look the most impressive to others. You have a higher power to answer to, and when you tune in, you’ll know the best path to choose.

Spiritual fulfillment will trump material fulfillment hands down. That sounds obvious any year, but we’re getting an astrological billboard with this sentiment in 2018. Can you still make money this year? Of course! But, selling out could have a bigger price tag than you anticipated. Abundance is going to follow the “good guys” this year. My money’s on eco-business and organizations that strive to improve the lives of others. Companies with a less than stellar track record that make an effort clean up their act will be rewarded as well.

In relationships, the astrology of 2018 will encourage airing out your dirty laundry so you can stop fearing rejection. It doesn’t mean you won’t be rejected, but you can feel the power of owning your shit, pardon my French. We’re being called to recognize that we’re all flawed, and decide what flaws we can and can’t live with in ourselves and in our relationship with others.

If you want more details on the astrology of 2018 and you live in Portland or Eugene, Oregon, you’re in luck! I’ll be giving a talk on this topic Friday, January 26 at Healing Waters in Portland and Saturday, January 27 at a private residence in Eugene. Get more details here.

And now, I’d like to celebrate some of my co-collaborators and toast to a successful 2017, with even bigger and better things in store for 2018:

The Jan Spiller Team – As 2017 began, we were all still reeling from Jan’s passing in July, 2016. But, as the months went on, we began holding regular phone meetings and started making plans for the future so we could fulfill Jan’s vision of keeping her teachings alive. I could’t be more proud to be a part of this group, and we’re ready to honor Jan by expanding our readership and subscribers. We have several levels of subscription at reasonable prices, and you’ll get the exclusive reports I write that are not available to non-paying readers. Learn more about membership to janspiller.com here. If you’d like to learn more about Jan Spiller and her life, please check out the tribute article about her here.

Elizabeth Russell of Be Space Integrative Arts – Elizabeth has brought her Virgo mind and creative spark to combine with my astro knowledge. We put on several successful events this year, and created our brand, “Hands On Astrology,” which brings people useful astrology information and instruction with a creative process to make it all tangible. Look for lots more from us in 2018!

Clary Sage Herbarium – Laurie Books, the owner of this fabulous herb shop on Alberta Street has been renting me space to do walk-in readings since last March. I’ve given this special place the nickname of the “Astro Cottage.” It’s such a cozy environment, and just a garden path’s stroll off of Alberta St. (near La Bonita on 28th avenue) After a short break in November and December, I’m eager to spend time doing walk-in readings there again in 2018!

Lady J – This tarot reader contacted me around the beginning of 2017 about trading readings. Little did I know that we’d forge a friendship, and she’d make a wonderful contribution to my site in the form of her Tarotscopes! Now, you can read your Tarotscope each month for additional insights. And, I can’t recommend her tarot readings enough. She hits the nail on the head!

Christine Cook – Christine was the first person to visit me, bearing a bouquet of flowers, on my grand opening evening in the Astro Cottage. Over the summer, Christine joined me in the cottage, offering her unique Divine Journey Readings. This year, we’ll team up again and she’s going to be reading Runes. Our first Astro Cottage date together is January 14th from 3-5pm. I can’t wait!

Pearl – My friend Pearl has been a closeted I Ching reader, and is finally stepping out into the light to share her talents. She joined me last year in the cottage, and you can get an I Ching reading from her on Sunday, January 7 from 3-5pm. Highly recommended!

Mardi Palan – Mardi is a fellow astrologer who approached me at the end of 2017 and asked if I’d like to be a regular guest on her podcast. What an honor!!! This podcast, called What’s Up Planets?, debuted Dec. 1 and you can enjoy the next episode January 1, 2018. Mardi and my soul sister and fellow astrologer, Stephanie Wilder will be offering commentary about the upcoming astrology that I report. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Stephanie Wilder – Speaking of Steph Wilder, this woman has been taking her astrological studies to a whole new level this year. She never fails to inspire me with her approach to astrology and incredible intuitive abilities. If you’re in the Mt. Shasta area, check out her Sacred Spiral Mystery School starting February 10!

The Venus Babes – This is a group of three, myself included, who gather at the New Moon to state our intentions and support each other. We’ve been doing this for a few years, and I’ve learned that there is power in combined energy! Sometimes you just need to say what you want to do out loud to others to commit yourself to your goals.

Happy New Year to all. Your monthly horoscopes and tarotscopes are now up for January, 2018!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Cardinal Fire Astrology!

  1. Thank you Steph Shea for your sweet words! You never fail to inspire me with your astro insights and your amazing 12th house intuition!!! You are a stellar soul and I count my lucky stars every time I am reminded of your awesomeness.

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