March 31 Blue Moon in Libra & the Upcoming Jupiter-Neptune Trine

Blue Moon of January 31, 2018. Photo by Deanna Cantrell (

Early this morning, at 5:37am Pacific Time, we experienced the second Blue Moon of 2018. A Blue Moon is any second Full Moon in a month, and is somewhat of a rarity, with the exception of the beginning of this year! The first one occurred on January 31, and was a Leo Lunar Eclipse, which really amped up emotions, especially related to matters of the heart. A lot of people started this year out with some big relationship-related realizations and/or awakenings related to their creative potential.

This month’s Blue Moon will be in the sign of Libra, which is also a partnership based sign. No Eclipse this time, but relationship dramas won’t be out of the question. It can be a very useful time to clear the air and/or see your situation more clearly. Whatever comes up now needs to be acknowledged and dealt with, but if emotions are running high, it’s perfectly ok (and recommended) to wait a couple days after the Full Moon has passed to initiate important conversations.

This Libra Full Moon is stirring our desire for harmony. If anything in your relationships or environment feels out-of-balance, you’ll notice it now. The good news, is that Libran energy promotes compromising and finding peaceful win-win solutions. As long as you’re willing to meet in the middle, this can be a great time for negotiating and working through relationship issues.

Jupiter Neptune Trine Begins Mid April!

We’ve got some watery astrology starting in a few weeks that will continue for the next six months. Last year was all about Fire, but this year, we’re being called to slow down and investigate our subconscious mind, emotional realm, and spiritual selves. While this could result in less tangible items on our “to do” lists, the results will be powerful! If you find yourself lost in thought, meditation, or daydreams, know that this type of activity will be productive. We’re being directed to consider how our actions will reflect our values. It’s time to shift our focus to quality versus quantity when it comes to the expenditure of our precious time and energy. In the coming months, I’ll be sharing more on this prominent astrology of 2018. If you are a water sign, you might be feeling this one quite intensely. Go with it. Try to help your non-watery friends feel comfortable with the discomfort of sitting with difficult, but true, emotions.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll be holding a workshop alongside Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace to dive into this astrology on April 21 at Sacred Money Studios in Multnomah Village. Learn more in the video below:



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