Happy Scorpio Full Moon!

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Scorpio is all about our deepest secrets, most vulnerable places, and intense relationships. It’s also marking the half way point between this year’s Eclipses. In a nutshell, what you felt and initiated late January to mid February has a chance to “turn the corner” and really grow in the direction you choose. I’m feeling this so strongly right now, how about you?

We clear the shadow of Mercury Retrograde on May 3, so move ahead boldly next month. Because the April 29 Full Moon has much to do with letting go, think about what you need to release from your life before you can move forward. Scorpio magic is about claiming your power.

I’ve been working a lot with the idea of what I can and can’t control. Control is not only a theme of tomorrow’s Full Moon, but also for the planets Saturn and Pluto currently in Capricorn. It actually takes a LOT of control to do nothing when you know nothing can be done. If you’ve found yourself trying to work an angle to force an action when you know that circumstances are out of your control, you’re not alone. It’s human nature to want to know what to expect, and by taking charge, we think we’ll have the ability to steer the events of our lives.

To some extent, we can promote the outcomes we want through careful planning. But a refusal to accept anything other than the outcome we were planning on is just a set up for disappointment. I’ve been working to shift my need to control towards my attitude. We are always free to choose whether we will accept perceived setbacks with grace or resentment. Here’s to feelings of freedom, hopefulness, and the promise of new beginnings in May.

with love,


5 thoughts on “Happy Scorpio Full Moon!

  1. Thank you Stephanie for making sense out of the crazy making. I think it is time for me to have a session with you.

  2. I have learned much about myself while working on my need to control the outcome and it helped with the shift in my attitude towards circumstances when they stubbornly refuse to change no matter what I do. This opened next layer of questions about what do I really want and how to go about it, especially when what I really want isn’t in tune with those who share my immediate environment. Thank you Stephanie for your posts

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