Don’t Give Up Now!


I know, 2018 has been a bit bumpy so far. We started the year with Eclipses January 31 and February 15 and went straight into the influence of Mercury retrograde during March and April. Well, we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury Retrograde on May 3, and this month is power packed. Jupiter and Neptune will be working together to help expand our consciousness and bring healing when we need it the most. I’ve already seen some promising current events such as the peace agreement between North and South Korea and Bill Cosby getting convicted (peace and justice are big themes of this astrology).

On the 15th we’ll have a New Moon in Taurus – great for money making intentions! In addition, Uranus will move into Taurus for the first time in approximately 84 years on the 15th. We’re ready to shift our values and take a hard look at we think has made us comfortable up until now. It’s possible to create radical change without free falling into the scary abyss of the complete unknown. Uranus in Taurus will teach us how to keep ourselves secure in new ways. Open mindedness will be a must. If you are a Taurus born April 19 – 23, take some deep breaths. The time to transform has begun. You’re going to lead the charge to revolutionize stubborn. Instead of using this attribute to cling to what’s no longer working, turn the tables on stubborn and leverage it to hold on to the dreams that set you free. That’s right – stubborn doesn’t mean stuck! As someone who just spent the last year with Uranus affecting me very personally in my chart, I can pass on some words of wisdom to my early degree Taurus friends. Be brave, be strong, and celebrate your stubborn wild heart.

with love,


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