September Horoscopes are Ready!

Hi Everyone,

Your September Horoscopes are now posted HERE as well as HERE. I’m feeling the productive energy from yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo, are you? Here’s to getting organized and enjoying retrograde-free energies in the month ahead.

If you’re in the Portland, OR area, I wanted to let you know that you can get an in-person reading with me at a considerable discount when you book through Healing Waters, where I’m an on-call Astrologer on Mondays. It just so happens that the Labor Day holiday is Monday September 2nd, making it a great day to celebrate your day off and come by coming in for a personalized reading!

Some people hate Mondays, but I look forward to them because that’s the day I’m the on-call Astrologer at Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces in NE Portland. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some outstanding people who came in to get a reading from me there!

I’m offering some extra special discounts for Labor Day. And, yes, I do realize that I am working on the holiday, but doing discounted readings for amazing hard working people feels like a wonderful way to celebrate 🙂

Get all the info. below about booking a reading with me on Labor Day:

Monday, September 2
11:00am – 7:00pm
Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces

1631 NE 25th Ave. just off NE Broadway in Portland, 97232

Bring a Friend on Labor Day and Save $10 on each Individual Reading 
30 minutes Individual = $50 (reg. price $60)
60 minutes Individual = $90 (reg. price $100)
Couples Readings 30 minutes = $75. (reg. price $100)
60 minutes $125. (reg. price $150)

My readings will help you to discover the tools you were born with to help you on your life path. Do you have questions about specific areas of life such as career, love, family, or finances? Depending on your question, I will hone in on the planets and/or transits that relate directly to your question. You’ll receive relevant, practical information that can help you to make the most of available astrological energies.

To Make your Appointment:

Please email by requesting what time you would like to start, length of time requested, how many people and make sure to include your Cell# as best way to easily make your appointment.

It would be good to include your name, date and place of birth and Time of birth if you know it. We will confirm your appointment by TEXT if that works for you if not email will do.

Location: The Event Space – Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces
1631 NE 25th Ave
Portland, OR 97232

If you can’t make it on Labor Day, I hope to see you some Monday over at Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces. I will be out of town Monday, September 9, but otherwise I’m available Mondays there and it’s the best way to get a discounted in-person reading from me.

Curious about September’s Astrology? Check out my monthly Astrological Preview video here:

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Virgo Season is here!

The Sun made its ingress into Virgo today, can you feel it? Time to get organized! Happy birthday to all our Virgo friends. Here is the September horoscope for Virgos – learn how the coming month will offer you healing energies for past and current relationships and support for your creative visions!

As August winds down, we can look forward to the Virgo New Moon on the 30th. Now that we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury’s last retrograde cycle, the upcoming Virgo New Moon will provide us the perfect timing to manifest new visions and follow through on our commitments with patience and perseverance.

What we do in the next couple of months will be key to what we’re going to build in 2020. It’s been so nice enjoying minimal inner planet retrogrades this year that I haven’t talked to much yet about all the inner planet retrogrades of 2020… but, they’re coming. Not to worry, just get some seeds in the ground between now and mid-October, and prepare to spend much of the next year nurturing what you’ve started.

If you’d like to view your horoscope every month, be sure to visit and become a member. Members have access to video horoscopes as well as numerous articles I write to keep you up to date on the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses, retrogrades, and other important astrological events.

Also, a reminder about the Sun Sign Prediction reports I write for These are something I take a lot of pride in. Lots of work goes into researching the astrology for the year and interpreting it for each Sun Sign. I’d say this is the most fulfilling project I do for the website, and I take a special writing retreat each year to give these reports the attention they deserve.

Every year the planetary alignment shifts and this affects every Sun Sign differently, and these Sun Sign Prediction reports will give you the benefit of knowing in advance the planetary cycles you are headed into so you can prepare to use them to your advantage. Like the horoscopes, it’s great to read the one for your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign.

Right now, you can get the 2019 report for 1/2 price, just $4.94. The 2020 reports will be going up for sale soon for $9.99 (still such a deal!). Stay tuned to find out when 2020 will be online, but you can order your 2019 report today here:


August 2019 Horoscopes are up!

Greetings, blog followers :-). Yes, it has been about an entire year since my last post, but I have faithfully been posting the horoscopes each month on this page: I hope you’ve been able to enjoy them there.

After a gentle reminder from a Leo friend that people like being notified through the blog when the horoscopes are up, I am finally reinstating this practice, just in time for the final day of Mercury retrograde hours before the Leo New Moon and Mercury’s station direct.

It’s been quite a year so far and I’ve definitely been working hard to up my game as an astrologer as I proudly carry the torch for the late, great Jan Spiller. Jan was my mentor from 2012 – mid-2016 before her passing, as many of you know. The Jan Spiller team and I have been working together to maintain Jan’s legacy website, which was her wish. That’s why the bulk of my astrology work these days can be found here:

I highly encourage getting a membership so you can access all the articles I write that will clue you in to upcoming New Moons, Full Moons, retrograde cycles, Eclipses, and other astrological phenomenon. All membership proceeds help to keep Jan’s legacy site available for generations to come.

I also create video horoscopes for subscribers, but there are a couple of free videos available each month. One is for the birthday month of each sign. So, when you go check out the horoscopes here, you’ll see the Leo video horoscope at the top of the page. I also post videos on the Jan Spiller Astrology YouTube channel. Here is the latest video, with a brief overview of August’s astrology:

I do like the idea of having this blog as a space for my astrological musings and a way to connect with the awesome people who are following me (thank you so much!). I’ll make more of a point to stay in touch through this blog.

Congrats on making it through the July Eclipses + Mercury retrograde. How is everyone holding up? I know for me it was a lot like cleaning a closet – there were some delightful reconnections to my past as well as some old crap I needed to get rid of.

Happy New Moon, everyone. Here’s to a couple of retrograde-free months ahead. Let’s make the most of them and pursue our heart’s desire in true Leo fashion.

with love,



PS – I love doing astrology parties! If you and a small group of friends in the Portland, Oregon area want to get together and have me over to do 15 to 30 minute personal readings for everyone, drop me a line at