August 2019 Horoscopes are up!

Greetings, blog followers :-). Yes, it has been about an entire year since my last post, but I have faithfully been posting the horoscopes each month on this page: I hope you’ve been able to enjoy them there.

After a gentle reminder from a Leo friend that people like being notified through the blog when the horoscopes are up, I am finally reinstating this practice, just in time for the final day of Mercury retrograde hours before the Leo New Moon and Mercury’s station direct.

It’s been quite a year so far and I’ve definitely been working hard to up my game as an astrologer as I proudly carry the torch for the late, great Jan Spiller. Jan was my mentor from 2012 – mid-2016 before her passing, as many of you know. The Jan Spiller team and I have been working together to maintain Jan’s legacy website, which was her wish. That’s why the bulk of my astrology work these days can be found here:

I highly encourage getting a membership so you can access all the articles I write that will clue you in to upcoming New Moons, Full Moons, retrograde cycles, Eclipses, and other astrological phenomenon. All membership proceeds help to keep Jan’s legacy site available for generations to come.

I also create video horoscopes for subscribers, but there are a couple of free videos available each month. One is for the birthday month of each sign. So, when you go check out the horoscopes here, you’ll see the Leo video horoscope at the top of the page. I also post videos on the Jan Spiller Astrology YouTube channel. Here is the latest video, with a brief overview of August’s astrology:

I do like the idea of having this blog as a space for my astrological musings and a way to connect with the awesome people who are following me (thank you so much!). I’ll make more of a point to stay in touch through this blog.

Congrats on making it through the July Eclipses + Mercury retrograde. How is everyone holding up? I know for me it was a lot like cleaning a closet – there were some delightful reconnections to my past as well as some old crap I needed to get rid of.

Happy New Moon, everyone. Here’s to a couple of retrograde-free months ahead. Let’s make the most of them and pursue our heart’s desire in true Leo fashion.

with love,



PS – I love doing astrology parties! If you and a small group of friends in the Portland, Oregon area want to get together and have me over to do 15 to 30 minute personal readings for everyone, drop me a line at

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