Virgo Season is here!

The Sun made its ingress into Virgo today, can you feel it? Time to get organized! Happy birthday to all our Virgo friends. Here is the September horoscope for Virgos – learn how the coming month will offer you healing energies for past and current relationships and support for your creative visions!

As August winds down, we can look forward to the Virgo New Moon on the 30th. Now that we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury’s last retrograde cycle, the upcoming Virgo New Moon will provide us the perfect timing to manifest new visions and follow through on our commitments with patience and perseverance.

What we do in the next couple of months will be key to what we’re going to build in 2020. It’s been so nice enjoying minimal inner planet retrogrades this year that I haven’t talked to much yet about all the inner planet retrogrades of 2020… but, they’re coming. Not to worry, just get some seeds in the ground between now and mid-October, and prepare to spend much of the next year nurturing what you’ve started.

If you’d like to view your horoscope every month, be sure to visit and become a member. Members have access to video horoscopes as well as numerous articles I write to keep you up to date on the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses, retrogrades, and other important astrological events.

Also, a reminder about the Sun Sign Prediction reports I write for These are something I take a lot of pride in. Lots of work goes into researching the astrology for the year and interpreting it for each Sun Sign. I’d say this is the most fulfilling project I do for the website, and I take a special writing retreat each year to give these reports the attention they deserve.

Every year the planetary alignment shifts and this affects every Sun Sign differently, and these Sun Sign Prediction reports will give you the benefit of knowing in advance the planetary cycles you are headed into so you can prepare to use them to your advantage. Like the horoscopes, it’s great to read the one for your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign.

Right now, you can get the 2019 report for 1/2 price, just $4.94. The 2020 reports will be going up for sale soon for $9.99 (still such a deal!). Stay tuned to find out when 2020 will be online, but you can order your 2019 report today here:


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