Can You Feel the Power Building? December 2019 Astrology!

How has everyone’s November been? I hope you were able to take advantage of the slowing energies of Mercury retrograde because we’re being encouraged to pick up the pace as December arrives. That doesn’t mean going right back to being overcommitted and over-worked. December’s astrology is much more mindful. There is strong Capricorn energy at work, which is all about long-term strategy. Capricorn is the sign of the literal and figurative marathon runner. Sustainable effort over time will win the game.

I also wanted to add a special note as we enter the holiday season and Eclipse season simultaneously. Both holidays and Eclipses can bring about stress, and here is where I find astrology particularly helpful. I recently offered these words of comfort regarding those low points in life:

“Often during these difficult times in life, we are experiencing an astrological transit that is meant to shape our growth and offer us a life lesson. At the time it can feel like pointless suffering, but later you look back and understand what was going on. The good news about astrological transits is that they have a beginning and an end. It won’t always feel like this!”

I hope you can keep this astrological perspective in mind as we move through some powerful, but challenging astrology in the coming month and into 2020.

Learn more in my December Astrological Overview video above. It’s hard to believe the New Year is only a month away – if you’re in Portland, OR, I invite you to attend one of the special events on either January 4th or 5th.

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PS – Happy Birthday to all my Sagittarius friends! Check out your birthday horoscope video below 🙂


November 2019 – Mercury Retrograde and Scorpio Season!


Hi everyone,

Happy Scorpio Season and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio! It’s time to dive deep and clear out “baggage” on a physical and mental level. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, it could be that there is something you don’t want to look at. Now is the time to look under the rug and see what’s been hidden beneath it. With the sign of Scorpio ruling intimate partnerships, shared finance, and debt, there could be a lot that needs to be addressed. Take some time to do some detective work on your own behalf.

If an old flame makes a reappearance in your life, realize that you may not be meant to permanently reconnect, but you may have the chance to gain closure or complete unfinished business. Not to say people don’t reconcile during a retrograde cycle, but you’ll want to wait until after the shadow phase of this Mercury retrograde clears on December 7th before making major decisions involving your heart or your bank account.

Learn more in my November Astrological Overview video above. And, don’t forget, if you’re starting your holiday shopping early, I offer gift certificates. Email me at for more info.