Summer of 2020 Eclipses and Retrogrades Winding Down, for Now…

How was the Lunar Eclipse for you? We had a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Saturday night/early Sunday a.m. at 13 degrees Capricorn that helped to remind us of our commitments to ourselves. Lunar Eclipses help us to see what has been hidden so we can address problems head on. Because a Lunar Eclipse is combined with a Full Moon, often something is brought to fruition that we’ve been working on since the Eclipses that occurred six months ago. This weekend’s event gave us plenty of food for thought and could have stirred up some deep emotions.

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Save the date – Facebook Live Event Friday, July 24
We’re going to get a little break from inner planet retrogrades soon, when Mercury stations direct on July 11. This should help to clear up communication and technology issues and help us gain some ground on new ventures. We’re not due for another inner planet retrograde cycle until September 9, when Mars will station retrograde in the sign of Aries. However, we do enter the shadow phase of Mars retrograde on July 25, and¬†I’ll be giving a special report on Facebook Live Friday, July 24 at Noon PDT.¬†Save the date! I’ll give more reminders as the time gets closer, but this is an important astrological event that truly makes 2020 unique as it will span through our Election season and Mars is the ruler of passion, anger, and ambition. We will all need to be taking a breath and set our minds towards diffusing volatile situations, while continuing to be the warriors for equality and justice for all.

Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune In the News

I noticed this inspiring¬†article right around the time Mars was finishing its trek through Pisces and conjunct the planet Neptune, brining themes of compassion, love, spirituality combined with taking action to stand up for what’s right. The photo that accompanies this story is the perfect illustration of the peaceful warrior and something I plan to hold in my mind for the coming months as Mars is now moving in Aries, which can be much more combative, when not channelled mindfully. If you missed the story, you can read more here:¬†

Black Resilience Fund
Here is a stand-up organization in Portland that is doing super effective grassroots efforts to help racial healing and justice:

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PS – happy birthday to my Cancer friends!! Your special birthday video horoscope is below.