The Benefits of February 2020 Mercury Retrograde

Happy February!

Whew, we moved through a lot of astrology last month, including a Lunar Eclipse and the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto! The bottom line on January’s astrology was that it’s time to get real. Most of us came out of last month with a better realization of what we need to work on this year. But, nothing is scheduled to happen quickly, and we’re going to need to pace ourselves. Luckily, this month Mercury will station retrograde in Pisces.

Yep, an astrologer just said, “luckily, Mercury will station retrograde!” Maybe it’s because I was born under Mercury retrograde, but I always feel it gets a negative image that doesn’t let people know the benefits of what it does for us. Sure, Mercury retrogrades are notorious for delays, technical glitches, and misunderstandings. But, they also provide us the chance to slow down and regroup. With Mercury traveling retrograde through dreamy Pisces, we’re being encouraged to rest and restore our body, mind, and spirit. This would be a great month to get back to a yoga or meditation practice, or anything that helps you to decompress from daily pressures.

Believe me, we’ll have plenty of time this year to work. The second half of March will pack a powerful punch to help us push forward with new ideas. Plan to rest up for the burst of energy to come. It will be well worth it.

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As many of you know, I’m the Chief Astrologer for, the legacy website to honor the late, great Jan Spiller, author of Astrology for the Soul, Cosmic Love, New Moon Astrology, and other groundbreaking books. Much of my work as an astrologer involves writing horoscopes, reports, and articles for I take great pride in carrying the torch for Jan and encourage you to check out my work on her site.

We’re fortunate to have a new social media specialist aboard, KJ Young, (who is also attending the Portland School of Astrology, whoot whoot!). She is turning the Jan Spiller Facebook Page and Jan Spiller Instagram Account into beautiful and informative spaces to learn about the current astrology and the latest offerings from

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Can You Feel the Power Building? December 2019 Astrology!

How has everyone’s November been? I hope you were able to take advantage of the slowing energies of Mercury retrograde because we’re being encouraged to pick up the pace as December arrives. That doesn’t mean going right back to being overcommitted and over-worked. December’s astrology is much more mindful. There is strong Capricorn energy at work, which is all about long-term strategy. Capricorn is the sign of the literal and figurative marathon runner. Sustainable effort over time will win the game.

I also wanted to add a special note as we enter the holiday season and Eclipse season simultaneously. Both holidays and Eclipses can bring about stress, and here is where I find astrology particularly helpful. I recently offered these words of comfort regarding those low points in life:

“Often during these difficult times in life, we are experiencing an astrological transit that is meant to shape our growth and offer us a life lesson. At the time it can feel like pointless suffering, but later you look back and understand what was going on. The good news about astrological transits is that they have a beginning and an end. It won’t always feel like this!”

I hope you can keep this astrological perspective in mind as we move through some powerful, but challenging astrology in the coming month and into 2020.

Learn more in my December Astrological Overview video above. It’s hard to believe the New Year is only a month away – if you’re in Portland, OR, I invite you to attend one of the special events on either January 4th or 5th.

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PS – Happy Birthday to all my Sagittarius friends! Check out your birthday horoscope video below 🙂


November 2019 – Mercury Retrograde and Scorpio Season!


Hi everyone,

Happy Scorpio Season and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio! It’s time to dive deep and clear out “baggage” on a physical and mental level. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, it could be that there is something you don’t want to look at. Now is the time to look under the rug and see what’s been hidden beneath it. With the sign of Scorpio ruling intimate partnerships, shared finance, and debt, there could be a lot that needs to be addressed. Take some time to do some detective work on your own behalf.

If an old flame makes a reappearance in your life, realize that you may not be meant to permanently reconnect, but you may have the chance to gain closure or complete unfinished business. Not to say people don’t reconcile during a retrograde cycle, but you’ll want to wait until after the shadow phase of this Mercury retrograde clears on December 7th before making major decisions involving your heart or your bank account.

Learn more in my November Astrological Overview video above. And, don’t forget, if you’re starting your holiday shopping early, I offer gift certificates. Email me at for more info.

The SIX Eclipses of 2020 Lecture in Portland, 10/19/19


Hi everyone,

Happy 10/10! We’re a week into October already, so if you haven’t checked out my Astrological Overview for October, be sure to click the video above.

Exciting News!!!

I’m honored to be giving a talk and workshop for the Oregon Astrological Association on Saturday, October 19th. No astrology experience or knowledge is necessary.


Here’s the scoop:

The Six Eclipses of 2020
with Stephanie Shea of and

Morning Lecture 10 AM – 12 PM
OAA Members $10 | Non-Members $20

2020’s SIX Eclipses have been “eclipsed” in recent astrological news by the headline-stealing conjunction of three outer planets in Capricorn! But Eclipses are one of the most obvious astrological influences, and not to be overlooked. Many years contain only four Eclipses, but 2020’s six Eclipses make it a year of activation and personal realizations. Stephanie will outline the dates and themes for next year’s four Lunar and two Solar Eclipses (with an honorable mention to our Christmas 2019 Solar Eclipse). Despite a retrograde-heavy 2020, these Eclipses will be checkpoints throughout the year, acting as beacons and catalysts for important life changes. Get a heads up well in advance of the New Year so you can be thinking a few steps ahead of these potent Eclipses.

2020’s Eclipses and You:
Afternoon Workshop 1 PM – 4 PM
OAA Members $25 | Non-Members $35

Stick around for the afternoon workshop to learn what areas of your birth chart will be influenced by 2020’s Eclipses and how you can maximize this energy.


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Save the date for either Saturday, January 4th OR Sunday, January 5th! On the 4th I’ll be presenting on the Astrological themes of 2020 along with fellow astrologer, Sharon Zimmerman. Elizabeth Russel of Be Space Integrative Arts will facilitate a creative process to help bring the astrological information into form.

Saturday, January 4, 2020
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Healing Waters Event Space
1631 NE 25th Ave, Portland, OR 97232


Sunday, January 5, 2020
15-minute tarot or astrology readings available 11:30 to 12:30pm
Presentation 1:00pm to 4:30pm
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That’s it for now – I’ll bug you again next week with a quick reminder and any updated information about my event on October 19th.

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P.S. Happy birthday to my Libra peeps! Here is your free video horoscope:

September Horoscopes are Ready!

Hi Everyone,

Your September Horoscopes are now posted HERE as well as HERE. I’m feeling the productive energy from yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo, are you? Here’s to getting organized and enjoying retrograde-free energies in the month ahead.

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Some people hate Mondays, but I look forward to them because that’s the day I’m the on-call Astrologer at Healing Waters and Sacred Spaces in NE Portland. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some outstanding people who came in to get a reading from me there!

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To Make your Appointment:

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Curious about September’s Astrology? Check out my monthly Astrological Preview video here:

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Virgo Season is here!

The Sun made its ingress into Virgo today, can you feel it? Time to get organized! Happy birthday to all our Virgo friends. Here is the September horoscope for Virgos – learn how the coming month will offer you healing energies for past and current relationships and support for your creative visions!

As August winds down, we can look forward to the Virgo New Moon on the 30th. Now that we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury’s last retrograde cycle, the upcoming Virgo New Moon will provide us the perfect timing to manifest new visions and follow through on our commitments with patience and perseverance.

What we do in the next couple of months will be key to what we’re going to build in 2020. It’s been so nice enjoying minimal inner planet retrogrades this year that I haven’t talked to much yet about all the inner planet retrogrades of 2020… but, they’re coming. Not to worry, just get some seeds in the ground between now and mid-October, and prepare to spend much of the next year nurturing what you’ve started.

If you’d like to view your horoscope every month, be sure to visit and become a member. Members have access to video horoscopes as well as numerous articles I write to keep you up to date on the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses, retrogrades, and other important astrological events.

Also, a reminder about the Sun Sign Prediction reports I write for These are something I take a lot of pride in. Lots of work goes into researching the astrology for the year and interpreting it for each Sun Sign. I’d say this is the most fulfilling project I do for the website, and I take a special writing retreat each year to give these reports the attention they deserve.

Every year the planetary alignment shifts and this affects every Sun Sign differently, and these Sun Sign Prediction reports will give you the benefit of knowing in advance the planetary cycles you are headed into so you can prepare to use them to your advantage. Like the horoscopes, it’s great to read the one for your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign.

Right now, you can get the 2019 report for 1/2 price, just $4.94. The 2020 reports will be going up for sale soon for $9.99 (still such a deal!). Stay tuned to find out when 2020 will be online, but you can order your 2019 report today here:


August 2019 Horoscopes are up!

Greetings, blog followers :-). Yes, it has been about an entire year since my last post, but I have faithfully been posting the horoscopes each month on this page: I hope you’ve been able to enjoy them there.

After a gentle reminder from a Leo friend that people like being notified through the blog when the horoscopes are up, I am finally reinstating this practice, just in time for the final day of Mercury retrograde hours before the Leo New Moon and Mercury’s station direct.

It’s been quite a year so far and I’ve definitely been working hard to up my game as an astrologer as I proudly carry the torch for the late, great Jan Spiller. Jan was my mentor from 2012 – mid-2016 before her passing, as many of you know. The Jan Spiller team and I have been working together to maintain Jan’s legacy website, which was her wish. That’s why the bulk of my astrology work these days can be found here:

I highly encourage getting a membership so you can access all the articles I write that will clue you in to upcoming New Moons, Full Moons, retrograde cycles, Eclipses, and other astrological phenomenon. All membership proceeds help to keep Jan’s legacy site available for generations to come.

I also create video horoscopes for subscribers, but there are a couple of free videos available each month. One is for the birthday month of each sign. So, when you go check out the horoscopes here, you’ll see the Leo video horoscope at the top of the page. I also post videos on the Jan Spiller Astrology YouTube channel. Here is the latest video, with a brief overview of August’s astrology:

I do like the idea of having this blog as a space for my astrological musings and a way to connect with the awesome people who are following me (thank you so much!). I’ll make more of a point to stay in touch through this blog.

Congrats on making it through the July Eclipses + Mercury retrograde. How is everyone holding up? I know for me it was a lot like cleaning a closet – there were some delightful reconnections to my past as well as some old crap I needed to get rid of.

Happy New Moon, everyone. Here’s to a couple of retrograde-free months ahead. Let’s make the most of them and pursue our heart’s desire in true Leo fashion.

with love,



PS – I love doing astrology parties! If you and a small group of friends in the Portland, Oregon area want to get together and have me over to do 15 to 30 minute personal readings for everyone, drop me a line at

Post-Eclipses & Retrograde Wrap Up (for now)

We made it through this summer’s three Eclipses and now Mercury will station direct on Saturday. What does this all mean? In a nutshell, things will calm a bit in September. I say a bit because on the heels of this action will be Venus Retrograde from October 5 to November 16. But, really, we’ll start feeling the shadow effects of this in September. As we unpack what the Eclipses revealed to us, we’ll have the chance during Venus retrograde to look into our hearts and search for the best ways to love ourselves and others. You can use September to take some small steps forward – goodness knows we could use any kind of progress – but realize that you’ll need to avoid impulsive decisions. Things aren’t meant to move quickly at this time, even though we’re apt to feel impatient. Although Mars stations direct on August 27th, we’ll be in the shadow phase of this phenomenon until October 8th.

Are you getting the gist of this year? We’ve been on a retrograde merry-go-round! One retrograde ends, and its shadow overlaps the next. That’s been the case since March! 2018 is an odd year of extra retrograde cycles, offering us the opportunity to reflect on our current life path, whether we want to or not. Instead of resisting, go with the flow. If people or ideas are returning to mind from the past, there’s probably a good reason. If we can resolve some of our unfinished business this year, we’ll go into 2019 prepared to take full advantage of the forward moving energies. 2019 will have neither Mars or Venus in retrograde!

homeFortunately, we’re enjoying a stabilizing trine between Saturn and Uranus in the Earth signs. Even if the outside world feels topsy turvy, it’s a fantastic time to plant your feet on the ground and put down roots. This could mean settling in a physical space you call home or creating a sense of security in your heart. I’d love to chat more about the current and upcoming astrology with you. Contact me at to learn more about my personal astrology readings.


with love,


Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12

There’s a Solar Eclipse coming our way tomorrow in the emotionally intelligent and sensitive sign of Cancer! Can you feel it? This will be the first of three Eclipses this summer. Buckle up, as Eclipses represent change and often bring turbulence. We’re meant to wake up around the times of Eclipses so we can notice what’s really been going on, and make adjustments if we don’t like what we see. If you have been on track, often the Eclipses offer an extra boost forward or act to steer you away from potential pitfalls.

Solar Eclipses, like the one tomorrow, are high powered New Moons that provide the energy to set goals that will unfold over the next six months. In the sign of Cancer, goals related to security, home, family, self care, and creating emotional connections will be supported.

Below is a preview of the report I prepared on this Eclipse for To read the entire report, become a subscriber for $4.95/mo. Believe me, it’s so worth it. You’ll get access to so much information on all the major upcoming astrological events such as Eclipses, retrogrades, New Moons, Full Moons, and much more.

This work is my passion and I lovingly prepare this information with my unique interpretation on the current astrology. It’s my hope that these reports will help people get a different perspective on life and learn ways to work in harmony with the available astrological energies. In my experience, using astrological timing as a guide has offered me the personal success of being on my path, and I want more people to feel this way about their life. All proceeds from monthly subscriptions to go directly towards maintaining the site as Jan’s legacy, which was her wish.

Here’s a preview of the report:

JULY 12, 2018 (20° CANCER)
This Solar Eclipse will help you to understand and express your emotions more easily. During the next six months, you’ll be learning to release emotional blocks and develop compassion for yourself and others.

You’ll be learning how to nurture others without taking on their emotional baggage. This Eclipse brings lessons to remind us that we can support others without taking their emotional upsets personally. You’ll be encouraged to share your empathy and maintain healthy boundaries that keep you focused on your own life.

During the days around this Eclipse, you may find yourself focusing on what gives you a sense of security. This will be a productive time to set goals and make decisions that facilitate a sense of stability. Intentions related to finding a home/putting down roots, saving for the future, and self-care practices will be supported.

One word of caution: Try to keep a balanced perspective. The emotional energy around this Eclipse can cause you to censor your opinions for fear of hurting other people’s feelings. Practice sharing your views in a loving way. You will be the most help to others when you remain true to yourself.

If you were born July 11th – July 15th, of any year, . . . . . READ MORE HERE:


Wishing you all an enlightening and empowering Eclipse Season!

with love,


Heading into Retrograde Season

As June begins, events in my life have noticeably progressed in a matter of months. Yet, we were under influence of Mercury retrograde for much of March and April. It’s not that you can’t get things done during a retrograde, you just need to put your energy towards things that have already been started. And by “started,” I mean you’ve written your intentions for them and taken one small step such as telling someone else what you plan to do. Then, you can maximize the retrograde cycle energies and feel productive even when things feel slow, wonky, and out of synch.

Much of 2018’s astrological advice is based around creating a strategy for our more-than-normal inner planet retrogrades this year. We’re entering what I’m calling “Retrograde Season” which begins this month and lasts almost until the end of December. We had a great window of opportunity in May to state our intentions and take steps forwards. I hope everyone was able to do some of this last month. We’re technically in the shadow of Mars retrograde now, but I’ve decided to use the June 13th New Moon in Gemini as one last push to initiate new ideas.

We’ll see how it works for me, and I encourage you to do the same. Generally when a New Moon is in the shadow of an inner planet retrograde (Mercury, Mars, or Venus), it can take until after the retrograde period is over for your intentions to begin to unfold. Often these types of New Moons are best suited for letting go—eliminating what we don’t need in order to make room for what we’ve been trying to grow. Much like weeding a garden. But, I plan to sneak in a few new seeds, since we’re not officially inside Mars retrograde, which will begin June 26th and end August 27th. It will be the last New Moon for a while that isn’t within a retrograde cycle. Here’s how the next few months are unfolding:

The July 12th New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Very powerful for setting intentions. BUT, it will be during Mars retrograde and in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. Weed your garden!!! You can write down brand new intentions, but realize they could take until the next Eclipse pair in January 2019 to really gain traction. If you’ve started something already, it’s a great time to push it to the next phase.

The August 11th New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Another super powerful New Moon for intention setting. AND, still during Mars and Mercury retrograde. Same advice as for July’s New Moon.

The September 9th New Moon is in Virgo. Great for work and health related intentions. The good news: Mars and Mercury will be direct. BUT, we’ll be in the shadow of Venus retrograde. Since Venus isn’t officially retrograde until October 5th, I say go for it with new intentions. Sneak in some seeds here!!

The October 8th New Moon is in Libra – all about partnership. And, we’ll be in a Venus retrograde cycle which is all about the past. Great time to reconnect, make peace, gain closure, and reevaluate your relationships. Not a great time to completely cut ties or jump into a new committed partnership.

The November 7th New Moon is in Scorpio – more partnership related themes, including sex, intimacy, and shared finance. We’ll be in Venus retrograde and the shadow of Mercury retrograde. Weed your garden! Pay your debts, collect what you owe.

The December 7th New Moon is in Sagittarius – the day after Mercury stations direct. We’re still technically in the shadow of Venus retrograde, but I’d say go ahead and get some new ideas going here and prep for big beginnings in 2019!

So, to be clear about Retrograde season, here are the official dates to keep in mind:

  • Mars retrograde: June 26th to August 27th
  • Mercury retrograde: July 26th to August 19th
  • Venus retrograde: October 5th to November 16th
  • Mercury retrograde: November 16th to December 6th

Hopefully this roadmap helps with your planning. Life always has some curveballs for us. It’s inevitable that some types of new beginnings will present themselves between now and the end of the year. But, knowing that slow and steady is the best way can help to make things flow more easily. Building on past efforts and releasing what’s no longer needed will be key.

Just because our July and August Eclipses are during retrograde season doesn’t mean they won’t affect some powerful changes. I’ll have more to say on that in the coming blog posts. Until then, think about what you can weed from your metaphorical garden to make room for new growth. If you’re used to a fast pace of life, as I am, experiment with some slower speeds. Learn how to be just as effective at 5 miles per hour as you are at 100. Who knows, slower may be better. Enjoy the experiment!