Happy New Year from Cardinal Fire Astrology!

Cardinal Fire Astrology readership growth

Readership grew in leaps and bounds this year!

On this last day of 2017, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Cardinal Fire Astrology this year. As many people know, I took a big step to put more energy towards my astrological work in 2017, and I’ve reaped rewards on many levels. I’m ending this year full of gratitude and if you’re reading this, you were a big part of my personal and professional growth! The astrological transits I’ve been experiencing have pushed me to challenge myself and engage in collaborations that allow me to keep my own identity. At the end of this post, I’ll give some shout outs to the teammates who helped bring Cardinal Fire Astrology to the next level.

But first, some words for you about 2018. People tend to ask astrologers if the coming new year will be a “good” or “bad” year. If only it were that simple! I will say that it won’t be business as usual. The astrology of 2017 set the stage to open more than one can of worms, and that mess isn’t going away any time soon. We’ll spend more than half of 2018 under the influence of either Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, or Venus retrograde. We’ll have to deal with what’s happened before we can move forward. And, this applies to both the big picture as well as our personal lives.

The first three months of the year will be the best time to initiate new plans, so plant your seeds while you can. There’s still a lot that can be accomplished in a retrograde cycle. But, you’ll need to draw on skills and resources that you already have. Instead of trying to blaze new trails, try getting innovative and reworking an existing plan. 2017 was all about doing, but 2018 will encourage more thoughtfulness and spiritual connection. Do less and place more meaning on the things you choose to do.

Trust me, the energy generated this year is more than enough to work with. Don’t keep running. Slow down and spend your energy maintaining what you’ve got. In fact, you may want to pare down. The astrology will encourage intuitive decision making over playing it by the books. And for goodness sake, don’t try and take the action that will look the most impressive to others. You have a higher power to answer to, and when you tune in, you’ll know the best path to choose.

Spiritual fulfillment will trump material fulfillment hands down. That sounds obvious any year, but we’re getting an astrological billboard with this sentiment in 2018. Can you still make money this year? Of course! But, selling out could have a bigger price tag than you anticipated. Abundance is going to follow the “good guys” this year. My money’s on eco-business and organizations that strive to improve the lives of others. Companies with a less than stellar track record that make an effort clean up their act will be rewarded as well.

In relationships, the astrology of 2018 will encourage airing out your dirty laundry so you can stop fearing rejection. It doesn’t mean you won’t be rejected, but you can feel the power of owning your shit, pardon my French. We’re being called to recognize that we’re all flawed, and decide what flaws we can and can’t live with in ourselves and in our relationship with others.

If you want more details on the astrology of 2018 and you live in Portland or Eugene, Oregon, you’re in luck! I’ll be giving a talk on this topic Friday, January 26 at Healing Waters in Portland and Saturday, January 27 at a private residence in Eugene. Get more details here.

And now, I’d like to celebrate some of my co-collaborators and toast to a successful 2017, with even bigger and better things in store for 2018:

The Jan Spiller Team – As 2017 began, we were all still reeling from Jan’s passing in July, 2016. But, as the months went on, we began holding regular phone meetings and started making plans for the future so we could fulfill Jan’s vision of keeping her teachings alive. I could’t be more proud to be a part of this group, and we’re ready to honor Jan by expanding our readership and subscribers. We have several levels of subscription at reasonable prices, and you’ll get the exclusive reports I write that are not available to non-paying readers. Learn more about membership to janspiller.com here. If you’d like to learn more about Jan Spiller and her life, please check out the tribute article about her here.

Elizabeth Russell of Be Space Integrative Arts – Elizabeth has brought her Virgo mind and creative spark to combine with my astro knowledge. We put on several successful events this year, and created our brand, “Hands On Astrology,” which brings people useful astrology information and instruction with a creative process to make it all tangible. Look for lots more from us in 2018!

Clary Sage Herbarium – Laurie Books, the owner of this fabulous herb shop on Alberta Street has been renting me space to do walk-in readings since last March. I’ve given this special place the nickname of the “Astro Cottage.” It’s such a cozy environment, and just a garden path’s stroll off of Alberta St. (near La Bonita on 28th avenue) After a short break in November and December, I’m eager to spend time doing walk-in readings there again in 2018!

Lady J – This tarot reader contacted me around the beginning of 2017 about trading readings. Little did I know that we’d forge a friendship, and she’d make a wonderful contribution to my site in the form of her Tarotscopes! Now, you can read your Tarotscope each month for additional insights. And, I can’t recommend her tarot readings enough. She hits the nail on the head!

Christine Cook – Christine was the first person to visit me, bearing a bouquet of flowers, on my grand opening evening in the Astro Cottage. Over the summer, Christine joined me in the cottage, offering her unique Divine Journey Readings. This year, we’ll team up again and she’s going to be reading Runes. Our first Astro Cottage date together is January 14th from 3-5pm. I can’t wait!

Pearl – My friend Pearl has been a closeted I Ching reader, and is finally stepping out into the light to share her talents. She joined me last year in the cottage, and you can get an I Ching reading from her on Sunday, January 7 from 3-5pm. Highly recommended!

Mardi Palan – Mardi is a fellow astrologer who approached me at the end of 2017 and asked if I’d like to be a regular guest on her podcast. What an honor!!! This podcast, called What’s Up Planets?, debuted Dec. 1 and you can enjoy the next episode January 1, 2018. Mardi and my soul sister and fellow astrologer, Stephanie Wilder will be offering commentary about the upcoming astrology that I report. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Stephanie Wilder – Speaking of Steph Wilder, this woman has been taking her astrological studies to a whole new level this year. She never fails to inspire me with her approach to astrology and incredible intuitive abilities. If you’re in the Mt. Shasta area, check out her Sacred Spiral Mystery School starting February 10!

The Venus Babes – This is a group of three, myself included, who gather at the New Moon to state our intentions and support each other. We’ve been doing this for a few years, and I’ve learned that there is power in combined energy! Sometimes you just need to say what you want to do out loud to others to commit yourself to your goals.

Happy New Year to all. Your monthly horoscopes and tarotscopes are now up for January, 2018!

With love,



When the Water Seeks the Thirsty: November 2018 Astrology

Hi everyone, November is here! Your monthly horoscopes and tarotscopes are online!

We’re getting the month started with a Full Moon in Taurus tonight (Friday, 11/3) at 10:23pm Pacific Time, tomorrow (11/4) at 1:23am Eastern Time. This Full Moon is all about our sense of security, values, pleasures, and resources. It can be easier to see what you need to stabilize your situation and there’s less likely to be “gray areas” when it comes to where you want to invest your time and energy. So much of the current astrology has to do with feelings.

Both the Sun and Jupiter are in Scorpio, magnifying the emotions that have been brewing beneath the surface. Taurus is the sign opposite Scorpio, yet it also has to do with what we feel in a practical, tangible way. What feels good? What feels safe? What people or activities make you feel valued?

So, how about that Jupiter in Scorpio? It’s working its way towards a trine with Neptune in Pisces by the end of the month. This will offer a window into some of 2018’s most powerful astrology.  Jupiter, like Saturn is known as a teacher, but unlike Saturn, it’s known to offer a kindler, gentler approach to life lessons. BUT. Scorpio isn’t concerned with keeping things comfortable. So, Jupiter expressed through Scorpio is more of a Mr. Miyagi kind of teacher. It will bring about the kind of training that messes with your head in order to get you to think more for yourself. And, you may have to get broken down a little in order to build yourself back up.

However, luck will be on your side as will divine timing. Jupiter’s trine to Neptune will give us a direct line to not only our own subconscious, but also the great collective wisdom. Whether you call it your Higher Power, God, Goddess, Angels, or whatever title aligns with your beliefs, this is the energy we can all access in the coming months. Look for signs that you’re on the right (or wrong) path. Don’t expect to have all the answers arrive in a linear, logical way. Take “coincidences” seriously and recognize their meaning. Be ready to learn and be humbled.

I’m so energized about the Jupiter-Neptune trine, that I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop on this unique astrology on November 18th here in Portland, Oregon. Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace and myself will guide participants through the spiritual and psychological implications of this astrology and help them to personalize it by using their unique birth chart to see which areas of life may be impacted for them. We’ll be incorporating creative process during the day to help get thoughts and ideas out of the subconscious and in front of us for examination. It’s going to be some powerful stuff! If you’re in the Portland area, and wish to find out more about this workshop, visit bespacepdx.com. We’ll be in the beautiful classroom space at Healing Waters just off NE Broadway and 25th Avenue.

November 18th happens to be the New Moon in Scorpio – no coincidence there. In addition to working with the Jupiter-Neptune trine, it will be an ideal afternoon to  set intentions related to all things Scorpio such as intimacy, sex, regeneration, shared finance, psychological healing, and listening to your intuition. The Jupiter-Neptune trine will really be warming up, so it’s the ideal timing to find out how to work with this energy.

Heads up – Mercury will be stationing retrograde on December 3rd. This means we’ll enter the shadow phase around the 19th of this month. Yep, that New Moon on the 18th is just under the wire. Make your intentions on the 18th before that retrograde energy creeps in. After the 19th, your best bet is to focus on resolving the past and finishing what you’ve started. As the month winds down, follow the astrological cues to slow down and sit with your thoughts. Take a step back and try to analyze your life through the eyes of an objective party. Channel a wise mentor, friend, or counselor. What advice can you offer yourself? If you get stumped, you could actually ask a wise mentor, friend, or counselor! But, it’s always good to begin seeking your answers from within. You know what you need.

I hope to see some Portland friends at the November 18th workshop. At last count we had 7 more spots open, so now’s the time to get registered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com if you’re feeling in need of a personal reading.



Getting it Together: Mars/Venus Conjunction, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Libra New Moon!

Here comes Jupiter in Scorpio, your friend’s older cousin who dresses like a goth and asks shocking questions. She also has your interest at heart—just not your comfort.

Happy, Fall! How’s everyone doing? If you had kind of a bumpy September, you’ll have the opportunity to pick yourself up and move forward. October’s astrology will be a productive time to spend your efforts on work and love. We’re free from inner planet retrogrades this month, and will have some motivating energies to help us get lots done personally and professionally. Here’s some of this month’s astrological highlights:

Oct. 1 – 7: Mars Venus Conjunction + Full Moon!

Mars and Venus will be getting together in the sky during the same week we have a passionate Aries Full Moon. These two relationship planets often dance closely, but only meet at the same degree of a sign about every two years. During the first week of October, they’ll be conjunct in Virgo, a sign representing not only practical ways of caring, but spiritual connection and sacred sexuality. They’ll meet at 19 degrees Virgo the morning of October 5, and later that day we’ll experience the Harvest Full Moon in Aries. This will put the emphasis on being genuine and bold as you face your current situation. It will be an excellent time to see yourself and others more clearly.

The Aries Full Moon encourages a certain raw vulnerability, which can lead to disrobing emotionally and/or physically! The point is, it’s a time to be true to yourself. Mars and Venus in Virgo will support your efforts to keep things real. Virgo gets a bad rap for being overly critical. Don’t punish yourself or others with this shadow trait. When expressed through your higher self, Virgo energy purifies. That means cutting the b.s. and owning mistakes without judging yourself. Easier said than done, I know! But, the less you try to pretend to be “perfect” the less others will try to keep up, and then the walls start to come down. Next thing you know, there are two fallible humans face-to-face, feeling loved and accepted for who they truly are.

Final Stages of 2017’s Fire Grand Trine

I’m a little sad to see this unique astrological event coming to a close, but at the same time a bit relieved. It’s been too much energy at times, and I’ve been a very active participant in the trine with my 27 degree Aries Sun. If you were born around the 15th – 19th of April, you know what I mean. Other late-degree fire sign babies (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), or those with fiery Moons, rising signs, or personal planets have also been getting a steady stream of insight, brilliance, productivity, passion, inspiration, and crazy.*

As many of you know, I made the Fire Grand Trine one of my main focuses this year, using it as a guide to navigate a personal and creative revolution. I was fortunate enough to conduct a workshop on the topic alongside Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace this past June, and gave a kickoff lecture on April 30th. Since we still have a month or so to go on this trine, it’s not too late to dig into this energy. If you missed the lecture, or just want to re-listen, it’s available here: https://soundcloud.com/cardinal-fire-astrology/living-from-your-fire-43017-edit

Basically this Fire Grand Trine has been great for anyone wanting to do something a little outside the box. If you’re a creative type who has difficulty with structure and bringing your plans into physical form, Saturn’s got you right now. Don’t miss out on the chance to develop your creative idea, make it happen, and prove the naysayers wrong!

Jupiter Moves into Scorpio October 10

After spending the last year in Libra, Jupiter will ingress into Scorpio on October 10th. Both Libra and Scorpio are relationship-themed signs, with some major differences. Jupiter in Libra has been teaching us about compromise, diplomacy, and fair negotiation. It’s been a pretty feel-good trip through this sign, though some relationships got rocked because Jupiter magnified inequities, making them too big to overlook anymore. Jupiter in Libra got us warmed up to deal with conflict in our friendships, romantic partnerships, and business dealings. Yep, sorry to say that was the warm up. Now it’s time for the real work.

The shift between Jupiter in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio will be noticeable. We all have those friends who try to frame things as nicely as possible. They support us behind the scenes, almost without us noticing. They’re experts at tact and diplomacy. That’s Jupiter in Libra. Well, here comes Jupiter in Scorpio, your friend’s older cousin who dresses like a goth and asks shocking questions. She also has your interest at heart—just not your comfort. Look, things have to get a little messy before they can get cleaned up. Jupiter in Scorpio is the perfect ally to help you see what’s really going on beneath the surface. This applies to your own psyche, intimate relationships, business dealings, and any type of mysterious situation that needs clarity.

Depending on where Jupiter in Scorpio will pass through your birth chart, an area of life will be up for excavation over the next year. There’s nothing to fear. Jupiter represents growth, spiritual development, opportunity and good luck. Whatever you need to discover is part of your journey towards greater gifts in life. More than ever, it will be a time to team up. You have a team—think of the individual loved ones in your life who play different supporting roles. Your inner circle will be key. Tighten your close bonds. Intimacy and soul mate relationships will be a theme. This doesn’t mean that everyone who’s single will find their soul mate this year, but if this transit is affecting you, it will be a great time to get out there—the odds are in your favor.

If you’re attached, you’ll be ready to grow within your partnership. As you may have learned last year while Jupiter was in Libra, it’s time to “air out” the relationship by clearing old feelings and supporting each other’s individuality. If you did some of this homework last year, you’re especially primed to deepen your connection physically, mentally, and spiritually.

But Wait, There’s More Partnership Stuff! Libra New Moon October 19th.

With all this relationship energy swirling about, the October 19th Libra New Moon is perfectly timed. This will offer supportive energy for new beginnings related to, you guessed it, relationships! It will also be an excellent time to set intentions related to artistic endeavors, finding balance, exercising diplomacy, and strengthening your self-identity.

There’s a lot to move through this month, and the motion should be mostly forward. I’m here for you if you need help navigating any of it. Email me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com to learn more about my personal readings!

*Not necessarily in that order and in varying doses. Consult your astrologer for more information.


A September to Remember – Mercury Retro Winds Down as We Ease Towards Libran Days

Do you remember the
21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember how the stars stole the night away

-from “September,” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Hi everyone, here we are in September! You’re monthly horoscopes are up. While we’re still in the midst of Mercury retrograde, it’s safe to say that September’s astrology will hold calmer energies than last month. We made it through the Eclipses of August. Whether we were conscious of it or not, the seeds have been planted in our minds, and now the roots of our ideas are beginning to grow. For most folks, the personal realizations brought on by the Eclipses were quite obvious. Themes of relationships, friendships, community, freedom, and innovation were strong. You could try to cling to old habits, but why waste your energy on all that resistance? It’s time to take a new approach. We’re not in this alone, however. The Eclipses of August reminded us of the importance of human connection that utilizes our hearts and minds to strengthen each other.

September is traditionally a time of new starts. It’s the beginning of the school year, people coming out of vacation mode often start exercising regularly again, and there is an overall feeling of getting down to business. Yet, we’re still in a Mercury retrograde cycle until September 5th. And, the shadow effect will last until about the 19th. Some of my educator friends have reported bumpier than usual first days of school. Motivation levels are lower, and in general people just don’t feel quite ready for new challenges. That’s right on track with Mercury retrograde. The good news is, that after the 5th, things should flow a little easier. However, if you have a big launch, important decision, or major purchase on the horizon, try to wait until the 20th or later, when you’ll be supported by the Virgo New Moon.

After the 20th, we’ll be retrograde free for the next few months. AND, the Grand Trine in the Fire signs will still be working its magic until early November. Get in on this last chance to jump start your creative ideas! If you’re a fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) born towards the end of your sign, you’ll be feeling the urge to make a bold move most strongly. This could include anything that sets you free, including a new work situation, relationship, or location. However, if you have other fire in your chart such as your Moon, Rising sign, or personal planets, this is a big time for you as well!

On Wednesday the 6th, we’ll have a Full moon in Pisces. This will be a good time to reflect on our emotional state and allow feelings to flow through us. The timing is right to release feelings of sadness, hurt, or regret, and allow ourselves a gentler state of mind. It can be tempting to find fault in ourselves or others at this Full Moon. But, the better use of its energy will be to recognize what’s not working without placing blame or feeling personally victimized.

The Sun will enter Libra on the 22nd, which is the date of the Autumnal Equinox. Because this date is fresh on the heels of the New Moon, we’ll have a great opportunity to move forward with relationships, business agreements, and social plans. Gratitude will be the theme for the rest of the month. Evaluate the first half of the astrological year, and all that you’ve been blessed with since the Spring Equinox on March 20th. The past six months have been somewhat of a wild ride. But, at least things haven’t been stagnating and we’re poised for unchartered territory ahead. New is necessary.

I have a couple of professional “plugs” before I close out. First, I encourage you all to check out the Tarotscopes feature on my site each month. They generally appear during the first week of the month. Written by guest columnist, Lady J, these tarot readings for each zodiac sign are infused with psychic knowledge. And, they add a fun balance of love and romance geared advice! Additionally, her personal readings are spot on – highly recommended.

If you’re in the Northern California / Southern Oregon area I also want to recommend the Sacred Spiral Mystery School: Priestess Pathway workshop series beginning in Mt. Shasta, CA on February 10. This series is co-run by procreative astrologer Stephanie Wilder and will be one weekend a month to engage with the sisterhood in a transformative and experiential journey to the Goddess. Activate intuition, use art as sacred practice and learn about the astrology of the Divine Feminine. For more information, and registration, visit:


I won’t be in the Astro Cottage on Alberta this evening (September 1), as I was there for Last Thursday yesterday. And, I have a special event on Friday the 8th that I just can’t miss. So, I’ll remind you about my return to the Astro Cottage Friday evenings starting September 15th. Be well everyone. Dance under the stars. Let your souls sing!

It’s Been a Long Time Coming: August Eclipses + Mercury Retrograde

August is upon us! If you haven’t checked out your monthly horoscopes, be sure to see how this month’s Eclipses will affect your Sun Sign. Where to begin? Let’s start with a brief recap of the Summer. We’re in the midst of a Grand Trine in the Fire Signs that began on May 10 and will continue until the first week of November. This energy has been offering us the courage to make the changes we know we need to make in order to fulfill our potential. It’s been particularly potent during the second half of June and all of July as we’ve been free from retrograde energies. But, that’s all about to change.

Don’t worry, if anything August will be the most powerful month for personal transformation yet, but don’t expect to make what you’d consider to be “progress” in a traditional sense. Instead, think about some of the prep work that goes into a big project. This month will be about all the work you do before you can start the real work. You might spend days cleaning a room, clearing the furniture, maybe removing wall paper, applying primer. After all this work, you can look at your newly prepared space and it’s nowhere near the finished version you envision. But, some of the old, worn-out parts of the room have been removed and you’re now ready for the work of painting the room with a fresh coat (or two). I think it will kind of be like that.

Mercury will station retrograde on August 12, but we’re already in the “shadow phase.” This means it’s time to focus on works in progress and resolving the past. We’ll be under the influence of Mercury retrograde until about September 19, when the shadow finally clears. Between now and September 19, avoid making new commitments, or any type of agreement that would be hard to renegotiate later. This will be a time to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. We’ve been on a bit of a tear this Summer, with all the fire energy at work. It’s been a great environment to stop procrastinating, but the “just do it” attitude hasn’t left us a chance to focus on the details. We should all welcome the opportunity to slow down and make sure we’re getting it right. But, I’ll be honest, at times it may feel frustrating as we’ve been becoming addicted to the rush of moving quickly.

This month’s big headline, of course, are the Eclipses. This will be our second pair of Eclipses in 2017, with the first two occurring back in February. It can be useful to think of the realizations and changes that began around that time as this Eclipse pair will serve as phase two of your 2017 growth process. Several scenarios can play out. If you are right on track, you’re likely to get a thumbs up from the Universe, and you could receive the missing information or resources needed to put you right where you want to be. If you’re truly on your way, even immediate setbacks will likely work to your favor in the long run. On the other hand, if you have been dragging your feet and avoiding what you know you need to do for your wellbeing, this second set of Eclipses can offer a swift kick in the pants.

There’s a third way you may feel these Eclipses, too. Suppose you really felt called to follow a certain path back in February, but something has felt off. It’s possible you either don’t want what you thought you wanted, or you need a new approach. Either way, you can use this month’s Astrology to revise your plan. Remember, you’re the one in charge. The planets simply offer a natural set of environmental circumstances, much like the Moon guides the ocean’s tides. It’s you who will choose how to make the best use of the available energies.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will be on August 7—prepare for an emotional awakening. As it is, Full Moons can bring out the drama in even the most stoic among us. When a Full Moon is combined with an Eclipse, the emotional energy will be magnified. Themes may include romantic partnerships, passion, creative aspirations, finding a sense of belonging, friendships, group dynamics, and your big picture hopes and dreams. It will be a great time for insights, and for some, this could be a good time to engage in an unabashedly honest conversation that comes straight from the heart. But if you’re feeling extra sensitive or sense that others may be taking things too personally, wait until a few days after the Lunar Eclipse has passed to share your feelings with another.

Then there’s the biggie, the “great American” Solar Eclipse on the 21st. This one has been hyped by every tourism board in every tiny town along the United States Eclipse corridor from the coast of Oregon down to the coast of South Carolina. I am on a personal mission to determine if there will really be a huge difference between viewing the Eclipse in Portland, OR vs. driving an hour or so to the Southeast or West. NASA states visibility in Portland at 94 – 99%, which seems pretty dang close to total. I’ve had one Eclipse enthusiast tell me it’s all about the corona. I guess in Portland the edges could look a little smudged, but we will still get to see it. If anyone out there knows other reasons to leave Portland and risk record-breaking traffic, please let me know. I honestly want to learn more and determine if the totality path will offer a drastically different view than being an hour away and just stepping out my front door with Eclipse glasses on.

But, let’s talk about the astrological influence. Solar Eclipses represent endings and beginnings, and this Eclipse will be in the sign of Leo. Well, guess what? Last February’s Lunar Eclipse was also in Leo. Relationships and other matters of the heart will take center stage. However, it can represent changes in other areas of life, depending on where it falls in your personal birth chart. A Solar Eclipse is a high-powered New Moon, making it a great time to set intentions for the next short-term Eclipse cycle of 6 months, as well as the longer-term 19-year cycle. But, we’ll be in the midst of Mercury Retrograde. Therefore, write your intentions down at the New Moon / Solar Eclipse, but review your intentions again at the September 20 New Moon to be sure they still resonate with your heart and mind.

There’s been a lot of speculation out there about this Eclipse’s effects on U.S. politics, especially since it falls right on a key part of Donald Trump’s chart called the ascendant. Because there’s already so much out there on this topic, I’ll leave that to the astrologers who specialize in politics. I do think it signifies a change for the U.S. since its path crosses our great country. If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis, there’s a lot out there. Eric Francis’s planetwaves.net is one of my favorite astro-journalistic sources.

Be well everyone and hold steady this month. Don’t resist the changes in store for you. They’ve been a long time coming.

July’s Astrology is Upon Us, Ready or Not!

I think the theme to much of this summer’s astrology is, “ready or not, here I come!” Like this exuberant exclamation from our childhood, the planetary activities of the past few months have given us lighthearted warnings, but basically let us know that change will not wait for us to be “ready.” This is a good thing, because most people won’t ever declare themselves ready for a transition. There’s always more to learn, more to acquire, and more confidence to build before taking the proverbial plunge.

Our current Grand Trine in the Fire signs is combining these energies:

1. All that you know and have worked for (Saturn in Sagittarius)

2. Your dreams, desires, and innate gifts (North Node in Leo)

3. Surprise! You just got a new assignment and it’s due ASAP – GO! (Uranus in Aries)

It’s that last one – the Uranian push, that will help get us up and moving in a new direction. But, we’re allowed to pack a bag with our tried and true skills, so don’t panic. We also have retrograde-free days ahead of us this month, which will make stepping into unchartered territory much easier. Move forward with new projects, ideas, and inspiration. It’s a great time to get started on a new adventure.

If anything will slow us down this month, it might be our feelings. Mars, planet of action, is a bit out of his element in the sign of Cancer right now. This is giving us a bit of pause as we charge along in the first few weeks of July. You may be more in tune with that little twinge in your stomach or tenseness in your shoulders when something is off. Listen to your intuition and take a sideways approach to new situations in order to see them from all angles. We can create some security for ourselves in the coming weeks, and it’s likely we’ll need a good foothold. Mars will move into Leo on the 20th. After that date we’re likely to throw the rule book out the window, but at least we’ll have set ourselves up for a soft landing.

A square between Jupiter and Pluto will be in effect all month, helping us to identify obsessive feelings and transform them into a healthier form of motivation. This square can really magnify our beliefs, desires, and fears. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, it will present an ideal opportunity to find the traps we’ve laid for ourselves in the form of “all or nothing” thinking. Lately, a lot of us have been putting pressure on ourselves to do it all on our own. Jupiter in Libra is encouraging us to find the support we need from partners, friends, business associates, and community members.

July’s Full Moon will be in Capricorn on the 8th for United States West Coasters, and in the first few minutes of July 9 in Eastern Daylight Time. This will be a great time to see our accomplishments clearly. Long term projects can begin to blossom and it can become obvious where we need to shift our strategy to promote greater success in the future. We may feel a push-pull between strong emotions and our need to stay in control. Some sort of compromise will be required.

On the 23rd, we’ll experience a New Moon in Leo, making it a great time to set intentions related to creativity, performance, romance, developing our talents, public recognition, taking risks, and children.

Hang on, everyone. We have a lot of momentum propelling us in a positive way, but it can still feel a little overwhelming at times. We’re in an astrological carnival right now with lots of bright lights and thrilling rides. I’d advise taking a moment, sitting on a shady bench and regrouping from time to time. If you were born in some of the later degrees of the Fire signs listed below, you are truly on fire this month. Life probably feels exceptionally vibrant and intense. It’s your time to shine, shimmer, and shift like a flame.

  • Aries born April 16 -19 (or even a Taurus born on the 20th)
  • Sagittarius born Dec. 11 – 17
  • Leos born: Aug 15 -19

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Feel free to email me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com if you’re interested in a personalized reading. I’m here to help you gain a better understanding of the current astrology and how it relates to you.

Sending you forth into the month with much love, compassion, and encouragement. Oh, and don’t forget to check out your monthly horoscopes!





Tarotscopes are here!

Hi everyone. I’ve got exciting news. Now each month on cardinalfireastrology.com you can read both your horoscope and your tarotscope! What is a tarotscope? Well, it’s a very insightful reading for each sign based on tarot cards and the intuition of my new guest columnist, Lady J of Behind the Veil Tarot. I met Lady J late last year and we began trading readings. It became clear to me that she was more than a tarot reader, but someone with powerful intuitive gifts.

I’ve always loved tarot and considered it to be a compatible modality to astrology. Lady J can synthesize a vast amount of information quickly during her readings and leave you with some powerful statements that will resonate, offer options, and suggest a successful direction.

The tarotscopes are launching mid-month for June, but you can expect to see them at the beginning of each month from here on out.

Neptune Alert
Did you all feel Neptune stationing direct on Friday? It can create a sleepy, dreamy feeling. Get ready to receive more information from your subconscious over the next 5 months. I’d keep paper and pen by your bedside to capture late night insights and remnants of remembered dreams. Don’t worry, the foggy feeling should pass by tomorrow or so. Unless, of course, you’re having a Neptune transit – Pisces born March 1 – 11 will be feeling especially sensitive to Neptune right now!

Astrology on Alberta in The “Astro Cottage”
I also want to remind my Portland, OR friends that I have new summer hours in the astrology cottage on NE Alberta St. I’m now there Fridays from 7 to 9 pm to enjoy our longer daylight hours. Look for my sidewalk sign near Alberta and 29th, between La Sirenita and La Bonita restaurants.

Special Last Thursday in the Cottage
The only exception  to my regular hours will be the last week of the month, when I will be in the astro cottage from 5:30 to 8:30pm on LAST THURSDAY June 29, instead of Friday, June 30. Don’t miss this special Last Thursday with me as guest reader, Christine Cook will be joining me in the cottage to do her incredible “Divine Journey Readings.” Hope to see my local Portland friends there!

Jupiter Stations Direct, Neptune Stations Retrograde, and the Grand Trine Burns Brightly

Here comes June. As promised, your monthly horoscopes are ready! This will be one of the first months this year that is completely free of retrograde energy. Are you feeling it? The Grand Trine in the Fire signs is fully ablaze. If you aren’t familiar with this astrology, be sure to give a listen to the lecture I gave on this topic at the end of April: https://soundcloud.com/cardinal-fire-astrology/living-from-your-fire-43017-edit

Basically, we have the green light to move forward on new ideas this month, and the current astrology promotes making bold changes that will propel us towards a life that is more inspired! While the Grand Trine in the Fire Signs is pretty radical, it’s ok to take baby steps. When it comes to the things that your spirit needs, I am a firm believer that doing something is better than doing nothing. If you wait for the perfect circumstances when you just have enough time, money, confidence, etc. you could miss the opportunity to feel a little bit fulfilled right now. And a little fulfillment goes a long way. It tends to snowball as you start to value yourself more.

Jupiter will station direct on the 9th, which is also the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon. With Jupiter as the ruling planet of Sagittarius, that’s going to be a strong concentration of energy is this sign. Sagittarius symbolizes freedom, philosophy, adventure, seeking knowledge, living life to the fullest, optimism, and spirituality. Jupiter’s station direct can help you take some of the dreams and wild ideas you’ve been brewing internally and help you to find an external outlet for them. We all have a free spirited side, and when we honor this part of ourselves, we get back in touch with what makes life meaningful to us. This is a great time to think about why you’re here at this particular moment in time and what you want to learn and experience to promote your spiritual growth.

Neptune will station retrograde on the 16th, which will shift our consciousness towards anything that’s been hidden in our psyche. This could be information we’ve hidden from ourselves or that others have been concealing. We’ll gain access to the information that we know, but didn’t know that we knew. Or we did know, but denied knowing it. You know? Neptune will stay retrograde until November 22nd this year, giving us a 5-month stretch to gather intuitive insights and feel more psychically connected to others. Meditation and journaling during this time period is highly recommended. Once Neptune goes direct again, it’s as if a certain door closes and we won’t have access to some of this cosmic intelligence.

We have the Summer Solstice to look forward to on June 21st, which is also international “Make Music Day.” I plan to celebrate whole heartedly! At the Solstice, we have a chance to take a breath, take stock, and feel gratitude for the gifts of the year so far. Even if it’s been a tough year – and it has for many – there is a light of love and hope available this time of year to uplift those who acknowledge it. Get with your people and create some positive vibrations. The New Moon will be in Cancer on June 23rd. This is an excellent New Moon to set intentions related to your living situation, relationship with family, feeling secure, and cultivating emotional sensitivity.

Mercury Direct, Scorpio Full Moon, and the Fire Grand Trine

Grand Trine Fire Signs

May is here! In Portland, Oregon, we just had a couple of days of summer-like weather that jolted me out of what seemed like an apocalyptic dream where the Sun had imploded and we were all living in darkness. But in a glorious burst of light, blue sky, and warmth, the Sun has proven its existence this week. It’s moving ahead in Taurus now, reminding us to value ourselves, enjoy life’s pleasures, and pay attention to what we need. While the first weeks of May could seem almost soothing, make no mistake that some big fires are starting now.

On the 10th, we’ll gain more clarity about our desires and direction with the Scorpio Full Moon. If you thought a lot was being asked of you last month, you’re right. The astrology for the first quarter of 2017 has pressed us to pry open some psychological “containers” that we may have marked with a do not open sign. We had strong retrograde energies from Mercury (review, reconnect, reassess) as we entered the year, followed by Eclipses (aha moments, eye opening circumstances), followed by Venus retrograde (love and money issues from the past), followed by yet another Mercury retrograde. Mercury went direct on the 3rd, and we’ll clear the shadow of both Mercury and Venus retrograde around the 17th.

My point is, now that we’re closing in on the insightful energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio, all the mental gymnastics of the past few months can crystallize into a profound understanding of what we need moving forward. It could feel a bit like a courtroom drama with everything that you thought about during retrograde season as evidence. “I present exhibit A, your honor: relationship memories from years past that you’ve revisited on several occasions in the past three months.” “Did you or did you not admit the following realizations to yourself during the February Eclipses?” “I rest my case.”

Use this upcoming Full Moon not to put yourself on trial, of course, but to gently accept the truths that have emerged for yourself lately. It will be good timing for heart-to-heart conversations with loved ones as long as you’re able to dial down the emotional intensity. For those sensitive to Full Moon energy, it may be better to open up a conversation around the 13th, a few days after the Full Moon has passed. No matter what, stay strong and avoid the urge to go back into a denial that may feel comfortable.

ALSO on May 10th, the North Node changes signs from Virgo to Leo, signifying a shift in an overarching guiding energy for our planet. As many of you know, I spent years working under Jan Spiller, a pioneer in astrology who is world-renowned for her spot-on interpretation of the North Nodes in a person’s birth chart, among other things. I cannot recommend her book, “Astrology for the Soul,” enough. The North Node in our current astrology also has an influence on us, acting as a backdrop of energies we can lean into to achieve success. Since November 12, 2015, the North Node has been in Virgo, supporting our efforts to be thorough, efficient, organized, and hard working. In general, many have felt the inspiration and focus to power through certain tasks, especially if they are serving others. It’s been a good time period to feel that our efforts are helpful and that our work is needed in the world.

However, when the North Node moves into Leo, we’ll have the ability to access some of our inner joy and allow ourselves to work and create things simply for the love of doing them! It will be easier to see how loving ourselves will translate into positive action that can help others. Creativity and personal expression will be strong themes and in general a “lighter” tone will help to elevate us during these socially and politically intense times. What’s more remarkable about the North Node’s ingress into Leo is that it will be teaming up with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius to form a Grand Trine in the fire signs. The possibilities related to this unique and rare astrology were so enticing to me that I recently gave a lecture on the topic and will be offering a 3-part workshop with Elizabeth Russell (bespacepdx.com).

To listen to the lecture, click here: 


At the end of this blog, I’ve included information about the workshop, which starts May 20th. If you’re in the Portland, OR area, I’d love to see you there so we can dig into your chart and see the best way to maximize the motivating energies afoot this summer.

I also hope to see you sometime during my office hours on Alberta St.! Friday evenings between 5:30 and 7:30pm, I’ll be in the cottage that used to be the Clary Sage Herbarium store (they’ve since moved next door to La Bonita). Just look for my sidewalk sign near 29th and Alberta between La Sirenita and La Bonita and follow the garden path. I’m offering 15 minute mini readings, and also welcome folks to just stop in and say hi. We can chat about the current astrology and enjoy getting to know one another in person, which is something I value greatly in this digital age. I will be out of town next week, Friday, May 12. But otherwise, I’ll be there Fridays in May.

Enjoy your May, everyone. Your horoscopes are up! If you haven’t read them, be sure to check them out here: https://cardinalfireastrology.com/monthlyhoroscopes/


Here’s the scoop on my upcoming workshop series:

Playing with Fire

Chaos, Clarity, and Your Power to Create

Three Saturdays from 11am – 1pm: May 20, June 3, and June 17

Kennedy School Community Room, 5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland

A special workshop series to give you the insight and tools you need to tap the potential of this summer’s grand trine in the fire signs.

2017 is the year of the Fire Bird, which highlights generosity, courage and the power of community.  The Year of the Rooster encourages us to take chances and to greet challenges with tenacity, quick wit, and practical solutions.  How appropriate, then, that we are experiencing a fiery astrological grand trine all summer long that is sure to activate all manner of fresh energy and inspiration!

Join Elizabeth Russell (Be Space Integrative Arts) and Stephanie Shea (Cardinal Fire Astrology) to explore this powerful Fire Grand Trine through your own creative process and personal astrological chart. This 3-part series will cultivate clarity about the way this energy is moving in your life and provide inspiring tools to tap your core sense of purpose and play.

No previous astrology knowledge is necessary. Come as you are – the workshop emphasizes being uniquely YOU!

$125 for the full series. Save your spot – space is limited and will fill fast!

(Registration is for all three, single sessions not available.)

Mercury Retrograde and Other April 2017 Astrological Happenings

Hi, everyone! Well, for retrograde season, time certainly seems to be passing quickly. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good time to start new things however. We’ve got another 6 weeks to wrap up unfinished business. If you haven’t read your April Horoscopes yet, they’re waiting for you (https://cardinalfireastrology.com/monthlyhoroscopes/). April brings double retrograde energies. On March 4th, Venus began her retrograde journey, starting at 13 degrees of Aries, and as I’ve been writing this, Venus just moved back into the last degree of Pisces this evening (Sunday, April 2nd at 5:25pm PDT).

If you’ve been working on any creative projects, the mojo just got enhanced to help you finish what you’ve started. Pisces is the ruler of creativity, and particularly music. I plan to use this energy over the next couple of weeks to polish up some parts I’ve been learning on some Billie Holiday songs, most of which were written in the 1920’s or earlier – talk about retrograde! (Ruth, if you’re reading this – the Sugar solo is gonna be awesome!)

Venus Retrograde in Pisces

So, we have Venus traveling in retrograde through Pisces until April 15 (the day I’m performing said songs with Ruth Oliver in the Billie Holiday tribute show in Portland, OR!) After this date, we’re likely to feel more of a flow towards initiating new creative endeavors, a fresh start in relationships, and new business / money-making projects. Although Venus Retrograde’s shadow phase will end around May 3rd, Hold off on pushing the “go” button until after May 17, when we’ll be clear of Mercury retrograde.

Before giving the scoop on Mercury retrograde, I do want to mention that this final leg of Venus retrograde can bring up a lot of emotions around relationship. Venus rules love, and while Venus has been retrograde in Aries, many people got a bit “fired up” about things they want to change in their current relationship, or their approach to relationships in general. However, this may have been more of a temper flare up that didn’t get to the root of the issue.

Now that Venus is back into spiritual, compassionate Pisces, we might have a chance to understand more of what’s going on in our hearts. It’s likely that something we were angry or hurt about in February and March might be viewed with a wider lens this month. Not to say it won’t get weepy. It might. But, you’ll be able to see more than just your point of view. Pay as much attention to what other people don’t say as to what they do verbally express. Much of the resolution available for partnerships is based on feelings that almost can’t be described in words. Trust that you know what you know and experiment with speaking through your energy field in addition to using your words.

Here’s the scoop on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus from April 9th to April 19th, and continue in retrograde in Aries from April 20th to May 2nd. We’re in the shadow, NOW! So, avoid making big commitments, decisions or purchases until after mid-May if you can. Sometimes you just can’t avoid the timing. Do your best to postpone locking yourself into something that feels permanent. Remember that most things aren’t permanent. You have free will to change your mind. Build in room to re-negotiate in the coming months. Most of all, everyone will need to be patient this month. It’s just not the time to force anything through. Finish what’s on your plate, do your homework for future plans, and admit when it’s time to call it a day. Your long-term plans will still be there tomorrow. It will be a wonderful time to reach out to old friends or anyone you haven’t talked to in a while. The energies will promote reconnecting and reunions.

The Full Moon this month will be in Libra (yup, more partner stuff). Keep things in perspective around this Full Moon (April 11) as emotions will be elevated and the likelihood of misunderstandings will be increased. The April New Moon will be in Taurus on the 26th. It will be a great time to set intentions related to money, self-worth, your body, and/or deriving more pleasure out of life.

April Events – Mark your Calendars!

Alberta St. “Office Hours – I wanted to remind Portland-area people about some events I have going in April. Starting April 7th, I’ll be keeping “office hours” each Friday evening from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in the little cottage near Alberta St. and NE 29th Ave. in Portland, OR. Drop in for a 15-minute mini-reading, or book ahead for an hour consultation! If you’re walking East, it’s right before you get to La Bonita and the former location of Clary Sage Herbarium. Clary Sage has moved to the other side of La Bonita. I WON’T be in the store. But I would recommend shopping there – they have an amazing selection of herbal remedies, teas, tinctures, and flower essence oils. To find me, just follow the little path back to the cottage. I’ll have a sandwich board sign out.

Living From Your Fire Lecture April 30th – Sunday, April 30th I’ll be giving a lecture on “The Grand Fire Trine” of 2017 alongside Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace (bespacepdx.com). If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry! I’ll explain the concepts in layman’s terms and help you see why this summer will be such an exciting time to follow your passion. The lecture will be at Sacred Money Studios in downtown Multnomah Village from noon to 1:30 pm. It’s free (donations accepted) and open to all.

Hope to see you sometime this month.