Post-Eclipses & Retrograde Wrap Up (for now)

We made it through this summer’s three Eclipses and now Mercury will station direct on Saturday. What does this all mean? In a nutshell, things will calm a bit in September. I say a bit because on the heels of this action will be Venus Retrograde from October 5 to November 16. But, really, we’ll start feeling the shadow effects of this in September. As we unpack what the Eclipses revealed to us, we’ll have the chance during Venus retrograde to look into our hearts and search for the best ways to love ourselves and others. You can use September to take some small steps forward – goodness knows we could use any kind of progress – but realize that you’ll need to avoid impulsive decisions. Things aren’t meant to move quickly at this time, even though we’re apt to feel impatient. Although Mars stations direct on August 27th, we’ll be in the shadow phase of this phenomenon until October 8th.

Are you getting the gist of this year? We’ve been on a retrograde merry-go-round! One retrograde ends, and its shadow overlaps the next. That’s been the case since March! 2018 is an odd year of extra retrograde cycles, offering us the opportunity to reflect on our current life path, whether we want to or not. Instead of resisting, go with the flow. If people or ideas are returning to mind from the past, there’s probably a good reason. If we can resolve some of our unfinished business this year, we’ll go into 2019 prepared to take full advantage of the forward moving energies. 2019 will have neither Mars or Venus in retrograde!

homeFortunately, we’re enjoying a stabilizing trine between Saturn and Uranus in the Earth signs. Even if the outside world feels topsy turvy, it’s a fantastic time to plant your feet on the ground and put down roots. This could mean settling in a physical space you call home or creating a sense of security in your heart. I’d love to chat more about the current and upcoming astrology with you. Contact me at to learn more about my personal astrology readings.


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Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12

There’s a Solar Eclipse coming our way tomorrow in the emotionally intelligent and sensitive sign of Cancer! Can you feel it? This will be the first of three Eclipses this summer. Buckle up, as Eclipses represent change and often bring turbulence. We’re meant to wake up around the times of Eclipses so we can notice what’s really been going on, and make adjustments if we don’t like what we see. If you have been on track, often the Eclipses offer an extra boost forward or act to steer you away from potential pitfalls.

Solar Eclipses, like the one tomorrow, are high powered New Moons that provide the energy to set goals that will unfold over the next six months. In the sign of Cancer, goals related to security, home, family, self care, and creating emotional connections will be supported.

Below is a preview of the report I prepared on this Eclipse for To read the entire report, become a subscriber for $4.95/mo. Believe me, it’s so worth it. You’ll get access to so much information on all the major upcoming astrological events such as Eclipses, retrogrades, New Moons, Full Moons, and much more.

This work is my passion and I lovingly prepare this information with my unique interpretation on the current astrology. It’s my hope that these reports will help people get a different perspective on life and learn ways to work in harmony with the available astrological energies. In my experience, using astrological timing as a guide has offered me the personal success of being on my path, and I want more people to feel this way about their life. All proceeds from monthly subscriptions to go directly towards maintaining the site as Jan’s legacy, which was her wish.

Here’s a preview of the report:

JULY 12, 2018 (20° CANCER)
This Solar Eclipse will help you to understand and express your emotions more easily. During the next six months, you’ll be learning to release emotional blocks and develop compassion for yourself and others.

You’ll be learning how to nurture others without taking on their emotional baggage. This Eclipse brings lessons to remind us that we can support others without taking their emotional upsets personally. You’ll be encouraged to share your empathy and maintain healthy boundaries that keep you focused on your own life.

During the days around this Eclipse, you may find yourself focusing on what gives you a sense of security. This will be a productive time to set goals and make decisions that facilitate a sense of stability. Intentions related to finding a home/putting down roots, saving for the future, and self-care practices will be supported.

One word of caution: Try to keep a balanced perspective. The emotional energy around this Eclipse can cause you to censor your opinions for fear of hurting other people’s feelings. Practice sharing your views in a loving way. You will be the most help to others when you remain true to yourself.

If you were born July 11th – July 15th, of any year, . . . . . READ MORE HERE:


Wishing you all an enlightening and empowering Eclipse Season!

with love,


Heading into Retrograde Season

As June begins, events in my life have noticeably progressed in a matter of months. Yet, we were under influence of Mercury retrograde for much of March and April. It’s not that you can’t get things done during a retrograde, you just need to put your energy towards things that have already been started. And by “started,” I mean you’ve written your intentions for them and taken one small step such as telling someone else what you plan to do. Then, you can maximize the retrograde cycle energies and feel productive even when things feel slow, wonky, and out of synch.

Much of 2018’s astrological advice is based around creating a strategy for our more-than-normal inner planet retrogrades this year. We’re entering what I’m calling “Retrograde Season” which begins this month and lasts almost until the end of December. We had a great window of opportunity in May to state our intentions and take steps forwards. I hope everyone was able to do some of this last month. We’re technically in the shadow of Mars retrograde now, but I’ve decided to use the June 13th New Moon in Gemini as one last push to initiate new ideas.

We’ll see how it works for me, and I encourage you to do the same. Generally when a New Moon is in the shadow of an inner planet retrograde (Mercury, Mars, or Venus), it can take until after the retrograde period is over for your intentions to begin to unfold. Often these types of New Moons are best suited for letting go—eliminating what we don’t need in order to make room for what we’ve been trying to grow. Much like weeding a garden. But, I plan to sneak in a few new seeds, since we’re not officially inside Mars retrograde, which will begin June 26th and end August 27th. It will be the last New Moon for a while that isn’t within a retrograde cycle. Here’s how the next few months are unfolding:

The July 12th New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Very powerful for setting intentions. BUT, it will be during Mars retrograde and in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. Weed your garden!!! You can write down brand new intentions, but realize they could take until the next Eclipse pair in January 2019 to really gain traction. If you’ve started something already, it’s a great time to push it to the next phase.

The August 11th New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Leo. Another super powerful New Moon for intention setting. AND, still during Mars and Mercury retrograde. Same advice as for July’s New Moon.

The September 9th New Moon is in Virgo. Great for work and health related intentions. The good news: Mars and Mercury will be direct. BUT, we’ll be in the shadow of Venus retrograde. Since Venus isn’t officially retrograde until October 5th, I say go for it with new intentions. Sneak in some seeds here!!

The October 8th New Moon is in Libra – all about partnership. And, we’ll be in a Venus retrograde cycle which is all about the past. Great time to reconnect, make peace, gain closure, and reevaluate your relationships. Not a great time to completely cut ties or jump into a new committed partnership.

The November 7th New Moon is in Scorpio – more partnership related themes, including sex, intimacy, and shared finance. We’ll be in Venus retrograde and the shadow of Mercury retrograde. Weed your garden! Pay your debts, collect what you owe.

The December 7th New Moon is in Sagittarius – the day after Mercury stations direct. We’re still technically in the shadow of Venus retrograde, but I’d say go ahead and get some new ideas going here and prep for big beginnings in 2019!

So, to be clear about Retrograde season, here are the official dates to keep in mind:

  • Mars retrograde: June 26th to August 27th
  • Mercury retrograde: July 26th to August 19th
  • Venus retrograde: October 5th to November 16th
  • Mercury retrograde: November 16th to December 6th

Hopefully this roadmap helps with your planning. Life always has some curveballs for us. It’s inevitable that some types of new beginnings will present themselves between now and the end of the year. But, knowing that slow and steady is the best way can help to make things flow more easily. Building on past efforts and releasing what’s no longer needed will be key.

Just because our July and August Eclipses are during retrograde season doesn’t mean they won’t affect some powerful changes. I’ll have more to say on that in the coming blog posts. Until then, think about what you can weed from your metaphorical garden to make room for new growth. If you’re used to a fast pace of life, as I am, experiment with some slower speeds. Learn how to be just as effective at 5 miles per hour as you are at 100. Who knows, slower may be better. Enjoy the experiment!

Don’t Give Up Now!


I know, 2018 has been a bit bumpy so far. We started the year with Eclipses January 31 and February 15 and went straight into the influence of Mercury retrograde during March and April. Well, we’ve cleared the shadow of Mercury Retrograde on May 3, and this month is power packed. Jupiter and Neptune will be working together to help expand our consciousness and bring healing when we need it the most. I’ve already seen some promising current events such as the peace agreement between North and South Korea and Bill Cosby getting convicted (peace and justice are big themes of this astrology).

On the 15th we’ll have a New Moon in Taurus – great for money making intentions! In addition, Uranus will move into Taurus for the first time in approximately 84 years on the 15th. We’re ready to shift our values and take a hard look at we think has made us comfortable up until now. It’s possible to create radical change without free falling into the scary abyss of the complete unknown. Uranus in Taurus will teach us how to keep ourselves secure in new ways. Open mindedness will be a must. If you are a Taurus born April 19 – 23, take some deep breaths. The time to transform has begun. You’re going to lead the charge to revolutionize stubborn. Instead of using this attribute to cling to what’s no longer working, turn the tables on stubborn and leverage it to hold on to the dreams that set you free. That’s right – stubborn doesn’t mean stuck! As someone who just spent the last year with Uranus affecting me very personally in my chart, I can pass on some words of wisdom to my early degree Taurus friends. Be brave, be strong, and celebrate your stubborn wild heart.

with love,


Happy Scorpio Full Moon!

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Scorpio is all about our deepest secrets, most vulnerable places, and intense relationships. It’s also marking the half way point between this year’s Eclipses. In a nutshell, what you felt and initiated late January to mid February has a chance to “turn the corner” and really grow in the direction you choose. I’m feeling this so strongly right now, how about you?

We clear the shadow of Mercury Retrograde on May 3, so move ahead boldly next month. Because the April 29 Full Moon has much to do with letting go, think about what you need to release from your life before you can move forward. Scorpio magic is about claiming your power.

I’ve been working a lot with the idea of what I can and can’t control. Control is not only a theme of tomorrow’s Full Moon, but also for the planets Saturn and Pluto currently in Capricorn. It actually takes a LOT of control to do nothing when you know nothing can be done. If you’ve found yourself trying to work an angle to force an action when you know that circumstances are out of your control, you’re not alone. It’s human nature to want to know what to expect, and by taking charge, we think we’ll have the ability to steer the events of our lives.

To some extent, we can promote the outcomes we want through careful planning. But a refusal to accept anything other than the outcome we were planning on is just a set up for disappointment. I’ve been working to shift my need to control towards my attitude. We are always free to choose whether we will accept perceived setbacks with grace or resentment. Here’s to feelings of freedom, hopefulness, and the promise of new beginnings in May.

with love,


March 31 Blue Moon in Libra & the Upcoming Jupiter-Neptune Trine

Blue Moon of January 31, 2018. Photo by Deanna Cantrell (

Early this morning, at 5:37am Pacific Time, we experienced the second Blue Moon of 2018. A Blue Moon is any second Full Moon in a month, and is somewhat of a rarity, with the exception of the beginning of this year! The first one occurred on January 31, and was a Leo Lunar Eclipse, which really amped up emotions, especially related to matters of the heart. A lot of people started this year out with some big relationship-related realizations and/or awakenings related to their creative potential.

This month’s Blue Moon will be in the sign of Libra, which is also a partnership based sign. No Eclipse this time, but relationship dramas won’t be out of the question. It can be a very useful time to clear the air and/or see your situation more clearly. Whatever comes up now needs to be acknowledged and dealt with, but if emotions are running high, it’s perfectly ok (and recommended) to wait a couple days after the Full Moon has passed to initiate important conversations.

This Libra Full Moon is stirring our desire for harmony. If anything in your relationships or environment feels out-of-balance, you’ll notice it now. The good news, is that Libran energy promotes compromising and finding peaceful win-win solutions. As long as you’re willing to meet in the middle, this can be a great time for negotiating and working through relationship issues.

Jupiter Neptune Trine Begins Mid April!

We’ve got some watery astrology starting in a few weeks that will continue for the next six months. Last year was all about Fire, but this year, we’re being called to slow down and investigate our subconscious mind, emotional realm, and spiritual selves. While this could result in less tangible items on our “to do” lists, the results will be powerful! If you find yourself lost in thought, meditation, or daydreams, know that this type of activity will be productive. We’re being directed to consider how our actions will reflect our values. It’s time to shift our focus to quality versus quantity when it comes to the expenditure of our precious time and energy. In the coming months, I’ll be sharing more on this prominent astrology of 2018. If you are a water sign, you might be feeling this one quite intensely. Go with it. Try to help your non-watery friends feel comfortable with the discomfort of sitting with difficult, but true, emotions.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll be holding a workshop alongside Elizabeth Russell of BeSpace to dive into this astrology on April 21 at Sacred Money Studios in Multnomah Village. Learn more in the video below:



Happy Vernal Equinox!

Art by Maila Davenport, artist/activist

Today marks the Sun’s ingress into Aries, and the Vernal Equinox. Because the Sun has returned to the first degree of the first sign of the zodiac, it’s also the astrological new year! This is a powerful time to manifest what we want in the coming year, but because Mercury will station retrograde on Thursday (March 22), there’s an interesting spin on this year’s Equinox. We certainly will be feeling the need for a fresh start, but we might have to get creative. What can you repurpose, recycle, or reclaim to enhance your life?

It’s possible you have a lot of the tools and resources you need, but just have to reconfigure things a bit. Say you’d like to find a  new job. Now is the time to set your intentions in this area, and as you look forward, keep your eye in the rearview mirror. Your past experience and connections will be important during this time, even if you plan to go into a whole new field of work. The coming months will be a great time for classes, training, and research. We’re ready to plant new seeds, but this year, there’s a bit more soil preparation necessary than in other years. We’re entering an 8-month stretch of time that will be heavily influenced by various inner planet retrograde cycles. The bottom line: keep it slow and steady. In fact, if we try to rush ahead, we’ll be met with resistance that prevents us from our goal.

Don’t let these energies dampen your enthusiasm! There are exciting new things in store for us this year, but we’ll need to operate patiently, which is easier for some Sun signs than others. As a double Aries, I can be challenged by delays that block my charge forward. But, I also have found that slowing down and double checking things always improves the outcome of whatever I do.

Happy Equinox and happy astrological new year, everyone. Enjoy the first signs Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and inspiration for the year ahead.

Happy Pisces New Moon!

Happy Pisces New Moon day everyone! This can be a time for emotional shifts, creative inspiration, and letting go of what no longer works for us. Because Mercury will be going retrograde on Thursday, March 22, this New Moon definitely has more of a reflective feel. Go ahead and write your future intentions anyway! You’ll have time to revise, rework, and reimagine your plan in the coming months, so it’s a low-risk time to dream big. You don’t have to know all the answers – but you are being asked to state that you’re ready for the next steps, whatever they may be.


Get in the Flow with 2018’s Watery Astrology

Elizabeth Russell and I will be giving a workshop in Portland on April 21 that will be working with some of this year’s water-based astrology. We invite you to join us for creative visioning and an interpretation of this astrology in your personal birth chart. Learn more here:

March 2018 Astrology: Two Full Moons + Mercury Retrograde and More!

I just wrapped up my March astrological preview video (above) as well as my video horoscopes for We’re in such an interesting, self-reflective time. A friend of mine just texted and asked, “What’s going on? People seem to be coming out with expressions around change and self-reflection.” Yep, right on track. We just came out of a pair of eclipses that included the Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31st and Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15.

Eclipses stir our emotional pot and often bring things to the surface that have been brewing at least since the last pair of Eclipses, which was August 2017. We’ve just been given information to steer us towards our “cosmic assignments” for the next six months. Everyone will handle this type of information differently! Anyone born under the signs of Leo or Aquarius will be in for some potent personal journeys, especially if they were born on or around January 31 or February 15.

If you know your birth chart, it’s fun to see what house these Eclipses hit for you. That can lend clues to the areas of life that are ripe for change. If you don’t know your chart, consider getting a birth chart reading! They can be so empowering as a tool to anticipate upcoming changes and work productively with the current astrology. Email me at for more information.

When the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th, we’ll experience the astrological new year as we celebrate the beginning of the zodiac. It’s always important to remember that Western Astrology is based on the Equinoxes and Solstices. Aries will always start on the Vernal Equinox, creating the set point for the zodiac. Although the zodiac signs are named for constellations, most Western Astrologers are not following the motion of these constellations. I know this can be confusing! It’s all about the Equinoxes and Solstices for us. There is a branch of astrology that follows constellations called fixed star astrology, and I believe Vedic astrology also follows the constellations. If you have an interest in that, there’s lots of info. available out there.

To me, astrology is like religion. I won’t venture to say which style of astrology is “right.” There are so many branches including Chinese, Vedic, Evolutionary, Egyptian, Shamanistic, etc. My advice is to try readings from different types of astrologers and see which philosophies and descriptions resonate with you. I’ve never claimed to understand how astrology works. I just know from my own experience, and what my clients report, that it does work. If something’s working, I tend to just let it keep moving along without questioning things too much. I’d rather spend my energy fixing the things that aren’t working!

We’ll get two Full Moons this month – one on the first and one on the 31st. The March 1st Full Moon will be in Virgo, helping us to refine and clarify a vision. On March 31st, we’ll experience a Libra Blue Moon (the second Full Moon in any month). Relationships will be in the spotlight and it will be a good time to rebalance the energies with loved ones.

Mercury will station retrograde on the 22nd, but we’ll feel the shadow effects as early as March 8th. If you’re starting anything new, take the first steps before March 8th! This can be as simple as sending out an email inquiring about something you’re interested in, or telling someone that you’re committing to a plan. Then, during the retrograde, you’ll be supported in efforts to finish what you’ve started.

Even though we’ll be in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde at the March 17 Pisces New Moon, it will still be a good time to set intentions. For best results, consider what you’d like to release from your life. By breaking bad habits and neutralizing negative thinking now, you’ll free up your mind to pursue exciting new ideas on the horizon.

Happy March, everyone! Your monthly horoscopes by yours truly are ready, as are your monthly tarotscopes by the talented Lady J.

The First Eclipse Season of 2018 is Here!

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt
will always glorify the hunter ~Zimbabwean Proverb

“Aslan: You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.” ~C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian

“I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the lion’s roar.” ~Winston Churchill

I’m writing this on the eve of 2018’s first Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo occurring at 8:27am Eastern Standard Time. This powerful Eclipse will be within 3 degrees of the North Node, directing our attention towards our heart’s desire and life purpose. If we’ve been on path, this can be a time when we’ll see the results from our efforts take bloom. However, for those who need to take charge of their destiny, this Eclipse can be a strong wake-up call. Be prepared to shift your awareness to an emotional truth that needs to be acknowledged. Leo is a sign symbolizing love, romance, creativity, childlike wonder, and the relationship to children in our lives. Our relationships with others and/or ourselves are ripe for change.

Our hearts have been sending us messages, and the first call may have gone out during last year’s Leo Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017. Think back to any awakenings you may have experienced at that time. Did you pay attention or ignore the call?

Let’s review last year: On August 21, 2017, we experienced a Solar Eclipse in Leo. This was the “Great American Eclipse” that many traveled to see in totality. This offered us a chance to take action steps based on what information was revealed to us at the February 2017 Eclipse.

Now, six months later in January 2018, we’ve arrived at another Leo Lunar Eclipse, and the bat signal will be much brighter for those who failed to recognize it last time. Embody the traits of Leo’s archetype, the Lion. Be brave. Be strong. Be Noble.

If you are a Leo Sun sign, or have strong Leo in your birth chart, this Eclipse will feel quite personal. Be ready to get honest with yourself and others. Don’t try to hold on to the past—it’s time to clear the decks for new beginnings at the upcoming February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This Eclipse will provide us with the inspiration we need to release ourselves from old patterns. Themes will include innovation, freedom, and following our unique path. It will be an excellent time to listen to our inner voice and stay true to ourselves. Aquarius also rules groups and community. If you haven’t felt supported by the people around you, it may be time to find a new crowd to run with!

As we enter February, be aware that we’re in a time of change. Things aren’t supposed to feel settled right now. But, you’re likely to be more decisive and the time is now to make some big decisions. Move with the flow and do some things differently. The February 15th New Moon / Solar Eclipse will be one of the most powerful times all year to set intentions. We’re blissfully retrograde-free right now, meaning there’s universal support for new beginnings.

You need not take giant steps, but simply state your intentions and make an effort in good faith to prove you intend to follow through. This can include declaring your intentions to others who can help hold you accountable, researching options for a new idea, putting a small downpayment towards your goal if it requires a financial commitment, or putting up a “coming soon” sign on your website. Just do one thing to get the ball rolling, and when we hit the retrograde-filled months of March – November (not joking here!) you’ll be happily working with the astrological energies to finish what you started.

Ah, what other Eclipse advice? Breathe deeply. Know that emotions are being amplified right now. It won’t feel this “loud” by the end of February. Take a step back when you need to, and don’t take things personally (this is good anytime, but especially during Eclipses!).

These Eclipses can also stir up passion, and they happen to fall around Valentine’s Day. What better time to get an astrology reading? I’m running a special between now and February 14th for couples readings. It’s $200 for an in-depth analysis of you and your partner to learn more about how each person communicates, expresses love, handles conflict, and approaches challenges in life. Book now and give the gift certificate to your loved one on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients:

“It was very interesting to see the similarities and differences between my partner and I. This reading helped define many qualities we each have and when to push or not push each other with challenges. A bonus is being able to listen later what she recorded in detail as she explained our reading and described what everything meant. I was amazed at how thoroughly detailed she was. I often look at our charts and refer to what she told us. I highly recommend going to see Stephanie to see what you will learn about your future and present.”

– Amy A.


Email me at for more info. I can do readings in person in Portland, OR, or over the phone & Skype for people in other places. Want an individual reading? No problem. Let’s chat. I’d love to help you navigate the current astrology.

Wishing everyone a transformative Eclipse season. Here’s to new beginnings!