Astrology Readings

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Are you interested in learning more about your birth chart? Do you have questions about specific areas of life such as career, love, family or finances? Depending on your question, I’ll hone in on the planets and/or transits that relate directly to your question and give you relevant information that may help you determine your approach and discover the tools you have available to help you on your life path.

I do readings mostly on Zoom these days. I can do a reading on your chart or look at the two charts in a couple’s reading. I’ll need your date, place, and time of birth (if you don’t have your time of birth, we can still do a reading, but there will be less information available). Readings are about an hour and I can make a digital audio recording of your session so you can review the information over time. There’s no “right” time to get your chart read except for the time that feels right to you.

Many people have a reading once a year that may coincide with the new year, their birthday or other significant anniversary dates. If you are feeling a bit out of sorts and looking for a new perspective on some issues that have you stumped, it could be time for an astrology reading!

My prices are sliding scale and sometimes I have a reading available for free that has been gifted by someone else. Email me for more information.

2 thoughts on “Astrology Readings

  1. I’m interested in a reading (in person would be my preference if it works logistically); just retired from my day job to more fully pursue my various forms of art & feel it’s good time for some guidance. I recently met Mimi Stokes Katzenbach, who was very energizing & a fan of Virgo Moon or anyone connected with it; and gave me the inspiration that this would be a good move!

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