Lady J



My path into the mystical began as a child.

I was born into an intuitive family with seers on both my maternal and paternal sides. I am an intuitive, and an empath. Tarot cards, astrology, and many things esoteric were familiar to me as a child. I started reading Tarot cards at an early age. The cards were French, a language I didn’t speak, which forced me to develop my intuition that much deeper. These practices and interests have been my constant companions. I find these modalities a great help in discerning my path. It is part of my destiny to utilize my intuitive strengths, and practices to help support others on their journey.

In addition to my esoteric practices, I have a Masters Degree in English Literature, Linguistics, and Creative Writing.

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and can offer readings to over the phone to clients all over the world.

My common passtimes include reading, writing, cooking, music, film, sports, etc. I have a deep connection, and empathy with animals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

I hope you enjoy my Tarotscopes.

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Blessings and luck to all,

Lady J