Amy A.

“After giving a reading to my friend as a gift, I asked Stephanie if she could do a compatibility reading of us together after she was done with his.  I was so impressed by the signs, the chart and how descriptive she was in defining our characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths. I not only learned more about what I need to look for or seek out in my hobbies, career choices and the people I should surround myself with but also with in myself to grow as an individual. It was very interesting to see the similarities and differences between my partner and I. This reading helped define many qualities we each have and when to push or not push each other with  challenges. A bonus is being able to listen later what she recorded in detail as she explained our reading and described what everything meant.  I was amazed at how thoroughly detailed she was.  I often look at our charts and refer to what she told us. I highly recommend going to see Stephanie to see what you will learn about your future and present.”