June Horoscopes + other Astrological Musings

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a good May. Your June horoscopes are now up. Be sure to check out what this month’s astrology has in store for you. As I mentioned last month, Mercury turned retrograde on May 18 and will go direct June 11. However, there is an approximate two-week “shadow period” on either side that can increase the duration of Mercury Retrograde’s effects. Have you noticed these effects? Common symptoms can include mental confusion, miscommunications, delays, missed connections, technology snafus and rescheduling. If you’re lucky, you won’t experience all of these things at once. Knowing that this is not a time for new starts can help to get into the flow. I have come to expect lots of rescheduled appointments around this time, which helps me to be in a more flexible mindset. Sometimes the schedule changes can be in your favor!  If you tend to overbook yourself, as  many of us do, you may discover that Mercury Retrograde can help appointments to drop off your calendar at just the right time.

You can use this energy, lasting through around June 25th, to catch up on unfinished business and review your current plans. It’s also a great time to reconnect with old friends! Next month, we’ll be primed for forward momentum, so use any unplanned downtime to rest up.

We’ve got a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2nd, that can help increase feelings of optimism. Even though it’s not the right time to take action, you can use the energy of this Full Moon to do some visioning. Think big and don’t worry so much about the details right now. You’ll have more clarity in July, which begins with a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn, uberplanner of the zodiac.

June’s New Moon will be on Tuesday, June 16, at 1:05pm Pacific Time. This New Moon, in Gemini, can be useful for setting intentions that involve learning, improving your communication skills, writing projects, increasing your adaptability and honing your social skills.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about people in their early 40’s. These folks (including me!) are experiencing their Uranus Oppositions transit, otherwise known as the “midlife crisis transit.” For people who were born in the early 70s, with Uranus in Aries at about 15 or so degrees in their chart, this transit is in full swing. On paper, it was exact starting about a year ago and finishes up in about a year. But, if you ask me, I could swear it started in 2011 and hasn’t let up since! I’m wondering if Pluto squaring Uranus over these past few years has intensified the Uranus Oppositions transit for people in their early 40s now.

I’m going to do some more research on this and follow up with more theories. I would love to hear from any readers in this age group who might feel that they’ve been experiencing “midlife crisis transit” symptoms for the past few years. These could include extreme restlessness, major changes in relationship or career or both, a need to follow your passion and individuality, even if that means sacrificing familiar comforts and some very surprising events that put your life onto a new path.

I’m suspecting that because Pluto has been squaring Uranus since about 2012, (but really with effects kicking in around 2011), people approaching their Uranus oppositions when the Uranus-Pluto square began may feel enhanced effects. This may sound like a bunch of astro-babble to some, and if so, I apologize. The bottom line is that Pluto squaring Uranus over the past few years is a celestial event that has caused a GLOBAL feeling of revolution and unrest. So, then you apply that to a personal chart where Uranus is opposing their Uranus and Pluto is squaring their Uranus and I think you get a recipe for some big time evolution and change. Like maybe us early 40-somethings got a little more bang for their buck with this Uranus oppositions. I’ll be curious to see what others might write in to say – you can email me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com. To be continued…

Have a great June everyone and remember to take it easy – moment by moment is a good way to go.

May 2015 Horoscopes are up!

Greetings, lovely blog followers. This is just a brief note to let you know your May horoscopes are online here. We just plowed through some deep astrology over the past few months, including Eclipses and the final exact Uranus-Pluto square! If you’ve been feeling like things are happening too fast, you’ll be glad to hear we’re due for some slowing energy this month. In fact, if you try to keep up your current pace, you’re likely to meet roadblocks. Mercury will turn retrograde on May 18, lasting through June 11. Take advantage of this time to slow down, review what’s been going on lately and think about what you want. It’s not a time to jump into new commitments. By following the astrological energies, we can stay “in the flow” and set ourselves up for future success.

I’ll have more to say on May’s astrology soon, so stay tuned to this blog. If you are looking for a unique mother’s day gift, check out this offering: http://www.circleandstars.com/flower. I’ve teamed up with Stephanie Wilder of Circle and Stars (circleandstars.com) for this special reading. It’s not often that you can get the benefit of two astrologers in one reading! These readings are done via conference call or video chat, so location is not an issue. Email me at cardinalfireastrology@gmail.com for more info.

I’ll be posting again soon with more info. on the upcoming astrology. Happy May, everyone!