Here are some businesses I consider “partners.” Fellow astrologers, friends, artists and people whose businesses I highly endorse!
The website for my mentor, Emily Trinkaus
The website for my other mentor, the late Jan Spiller. I’m now continuing her legacy by writing many of the forecasts for this site. Subscriptions are reasonable, and you’ll get the inside scoop on the upcoming astrology emailed to you. In addition, some of Jan’s original reports are available for sale here. Highly recommended!
The website for Stephanie Wilder, astrologer, artist and creator of Astro Art Charts
  The website for fellow astrologer and career coach, Aubrie DeClerck
inda Thomas is an astrology client and like-minded individual. She’s an intuitive social visionary, author, and a life-long journal writer. Her mission is to help people remember that they are divine beings. She is the author of the book, Good Race Vibes” which teaches whites and blacks how to elevate their thoughts and feelings about race.

A gym in Portland, Oregon that changed my body and my life
Prana Llama mindful bodywork massage by Jimena Galvez, LMT, in Portland, Oregon
If you’re in San Francisco and need help in the garden, here’s the place to go.
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area music teaching service. Instructors on all instruments who come to your house! (I teach saxophone for them).
Avoid the faceless big box computer stores and shop from a Portland, Oregon area business that keeps production local and cares about its customers. PCs, Chromebooks, Monitors and more!
Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Fig Aiamune
Massage for the body that also promotes emotional clarity and healing. What? Yes, this is for real and you will feel better, body and spirit, after a session with Fig. If you’re in Portland, OR, check her out.

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