November’s Astrology: Neptune Direct Plus a Moon Wobble

Hello, everyone! November is upon us and your monthly horoscopes have been updated! Hopefully October was a productive month that helped you to gain clarity about what you really want. Since we experienced two eclipses in September, this past month has been geared towards sifting through internal and external changes we’ve been experiencing. The Aries Full Moon of October 15 was conjunct Uranus, which acted as fuel for the fire of our emotions, desires, and urge to take on the world. As we move into a new month, we’ll have the chance to take a deeper dive into the ideas that were sparked around this time.

We’re in the days of the Scorpio Sun from now until November 20th. This will offer us the opportunity to explore what we’ve been hiding from ourselves and others. It will be a great time for some mental housecleaning so we can get rid of a heavy secret that’s been weighing us down. Take some time to get really honest with yourself. It’s likely you’ve already had an important realization between the September Eclipses and now. But maybe you’ve felt uncomfortable with your newly acknowledged truth. The current astrology encourages you to embrace how you’re feeling. It may not be necessary to share your inner workings with others, but it will be critical to come clean to yourself. Once you can own your uncensored thoughts and feelings, it will be up to you to recognize who you need to share this information with and when to do it.

The Taurus Full Moon on November 14th will be a great time to celebrate anything we value and acknowledge our self-worth. We may experience extra confusion in the days surrounding the 19th, when Neptune in Pisces stations direct. Awareness of this phenomenon can help us to keep things in perspective and go easy on ourselves and others during those days.

On the 21st, the Sun will move into Sagittarius, which may prompt us to take action on our ideas. Take care not to act too hastily as the month ends with a Moon Wobble on the 29th (felt between November 24th and December 4th). Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy and occur about 4 times per year. They are related to the Sun’s relationship to the Lunar Nodes, which can get a bit technical to explain. The bottom line is that Moon Wobbles can create unstable conditions which can increase the odds of things going wrong. We’ll need to resist the urge to take “shortcuts,” as we will be more susceptible to being careless around that time. Review the details of current situations and to wait to take action or to make big decisions until after the Moon Wobble has passed.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Libra is moving forward and into a square with Pluto in Capricorn that will be exact this month. This puts the focus on partnership issues, with an emphasis on balancing power. Time for compromise, evaluation of our commitments, and taking our fair share of responsibility.


October’s Aries Full Moon (And a September Recap)

Hello everyone,

It’s mid-October and I’m finally recapping September’s eclipses. That sounds about right. Most people I’ve been talking to felt the powerful change-initiating energy of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses last month. It took me a while to absorb what it was really all about. In part, I think it was a time for people to question what they wanted for themselves. If you were having trouble making up your mind, circumstances probably helped to move the process along. Maybe something you thought you wanted almost became real and you backed away, realizing oops, never mind, that wasn’t it at all. Or maybe you lost something you really did want and set your resolve to work to regain it or create something anew, and make it even better this time.

Because the Eclipses occurred during Mercury Retrograde, I think there was a familiar feel to doors that were opening or closing. Some people re-learned lessons that had been forgotten or reaffirmed the reason why they’d been working so darn hard at something. The September 1 Eclipse was in Virgo, which kept people “on task” with the work that is most meaningful to them. I also think we were able to see what we all had in common, to some extent. The Lunar Eclipse on September 16 was in Pisces, a sign that represents universal connection. Many people felt a sense of loss (Pisces also symbolizes letting go) by the end of September, but had gained a stronger sense of who they were.

This month, we can take our self-realizations and start blazing some trails. We’ve got a high-powered Aries Full Moon on Saturday (October 15 for us Pacific Coasters) that can help us to stand boldly in our uniqueness, turn the spotlight on ourselves, and say, “Here I am, everyone. This is me. I am one of a kind.” This Full Moon is getting a huge shot of adrenaline from a conjunction with Uranus, planet of revolution, rebellion, and the unpredictable. Talk about a great time to celebrate diversity, let your freak flag fly, and courageously stand up for your rights! Aries is a sign ruling both passion and anger. The volatility of Uranus combined with the raw emotional overtones of the Full Moon mean that we could be in for some hot-headed arguments this weekend. Speaking of which, I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not that the third presidential debate will be held three days after this Full Moon, when much of its intensity will have dissipated.

Meanwhile, the day after the Full Moon, Mars will be conjunct Pluto, which just happens to be squaring Uranus. Remember the Uranus-Pluto square? If not, this Full Moon can give you a refresher. Think back to some of your bigger challenges from 2012-2015. Don’t worry, though, this time you have some experience under your belt. The point is, it is an excellent time to feel your power and believe in yourself. Give yourself the encouragement you need to take a step towards your unique purpose (Hint: if you get scared thinking about it, that may just be it).

If you haven’t read them already, your horoscopes have been waiting for you. Enjoy October. You have astrological permission this month to take charge and move forward. The rest is up to you.