The First Eclipse Season of 2018 is Here!

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt
will always glorify the hunter ~Zimbabwean Proverb

“Aslan: You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.” ~C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian

“I was not the lion, but it fell to me to give the lion’s roar.” ~Winston Churchill

I’m writing this on the eve of 2018’s first Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo occurring at 8:27am Eastern Standard Time. This powerful Eclipse will be within 3 degrees of the North Node, directing our attention towards our heart’s desire and life purpose. If we’ve been on path, this can be a time when we’ll see the results from our efforts take bloom. However, for those who need to take charge of their destiny, this Eclipse can be a strong wake-up call. Be prepared to shift your awareness to an emotional truth that needs to be acknowledged. Leo is a sign symbolizing love, romance, creativity, childlike wonder, and the relationship to children in our lives. Our relationships with others and/or ourselves are ripe for change.

Our hearts have been sending us messages, and the first call may have gone out during last year’s Leo Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017. Think back to any awakenings you may have experienced at that time. Did you pay attention or ignore the call?

Let’s review last year: On August 21, 2017, we experienced a Solar Eclipse in Leo. This was the “Great American Eclipse” that many traveled to see in totality. This offered us a chance to take action steps based on what information was revealed to us at the February 2017 Eclipse.

Now, six months later in January 2018, we’ve arrived at another Leo Lunar Eclipse, and the bat signal will be much brighter for those who failed to recognize it last time. Embody the traits of Leo’s archetype, the Lion. Be brave. Be strong. Be Noble.

If you are a Leo Sun sign, or have strong Leo in your birth chart, this Eclipse will feel quite personal. Be ready to get honest with yourself and others. Don’t try to hold on to the past—it’s time to clear the decks for new beginnings at the upcoming February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This Eclipse will provide us with the inspiration we need to release ourselves from old patterns. Themes will include innovation, freedom, and following our unique path. It will be an excellent time to listen to our inner voice and stay true to ourselves. Aquarius also rules groups and community. If you haven’t felt supported by the people around you, it may be time to find a new crowd to run with!

As we enter February, be aware that we’re in a time of change. Things aren’t supposed to feel settled right now. But, you’re likely to be more decisive and the time is now to make some big decisions. Move with the flow and do some things differently. The February 15th New Moon / Solar Eclipse will be one of the most powerful times all year to set intentions. We’re blissfully retrograde-free right now, meaning there’s universal support for new beginnings.

You need not take giant steps, but simply state your intentions and make an effort in good faith to prove you intend to follow through. This can include declaring your intentions to others who can help hold you accountable, researching options for a new idea, putting a small downpayment towards your goal if it requires a financial commitment, or putting up a “coming soon” sign on your website. Just do one thing to get the ball rolling, and when we hit the retrograde-filled months of March – November (not joking here!) you’ll be happily working with the astrological energies to finish what you started.

Ah, what other Eclipse advice? Breathe deeply. Know that emotions are being amplified right now. It won’t feel this “loud” by the end of February. Take a step back when you need to, and don’t take things personally (this is good anytime, but especially during Eclipses!).

These Eclipses can also stir up passion, and they happen to fall around Valentine’s Day. What better time to get an astrology reading? I’m running a special between now and February 14th for couples readings. It’s $200 for an in-depth analysis of you and your partner to learn more about how each person communicates, expresses love, handles conflict, and approaches challenges in life. Book now and give the gift certificate to your loved one on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients:

“It was very interesting to see the similarities and differences between my partner and I. This reading helped define many qualities we each have and when to push or not push each other with challenges. A bonus is being able to listen later what she recorded in detail as she explained our reading and described what everything meant. I was amazed at how thoroughly detailed she was. I often look at our charts and refer to what she told us. I highly recommend going to see Stephanie to see what you will learn about your future and present.”

– Amy A.


Email me at for more info. I can do readings in person in Portland, OR, or over the phone & Skype for people in other places. Want an individual reading? No problem. Let’s chat. I’d love to help you navigate the current astrology.

Wishing everyone a transformative Eclipse season. Here’s to new beginnings!

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