Venus meets Mars in Virgo November 2nd

Venus Meets Mars in Virgo November 2nd

Hello, and congratulations on making it through eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde. The last two months of the year are looking much “lighter” and will support forward momentum. Act now to initiate what you want. Starting in January 2016 we start a whole new retrograde cycle that lasts the first five months of the new year. If you get going now, you can make good use of the 2016 retrogrades to finish up what you’ve started. But if you procrastinate, be aware that it could be until June 2016 until things begin to flow for new endeavors.

Your monthly horoscopes are up for November! Partnership is a strong theme this month. We begin with a Mars-Venus conjunction which will be exact on November 2nd. With these planets of relating in Virgo, the practical aspects of partnership will be emphasized. What’s working? What isn’t? What are you willing to work on? Notice the word “work” is involved here. In mythology, Mars and Venus are known as the lovers, but they’re also known to be quite feisty and constantly challenging each other. Things are apt to feel exciting with a romantic partner, but you will have to do the work to maintain a sense of balance.

November’s New Moon on the 11th will be in the Scorpio, a sign also associated with partnership. Scorpio represents deep emotional connection, sexual intimacy and “soul mates.” If you’re looking to attract a lover into your life, this is the New Moon to set your intentions! Scorpio also rules debt, other people’s money, taxes and shared finances. Could be good timing to work through some money issues with a partner or deal with some financial obligations from the past.

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