August Astrology – Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and Saturn Stations Direct

 “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader.” –Dolly Parton

In Loving Memory of Jan Spiller.

Hi everyone – how was July? From where I sit it seemed like a long month. Looking back at the image I chose for July’s blog – a sailboat on calm waters at sunset – I wonder if there was some subconscious foreshadowing going on. I declared “smooth sailing” in July based on the astrology I interpreted. I do think this was the case but things unfold in ways we can never imagine. At the time I posted my July blog, I didn’t imagine that the peaceful boat at sunset could be a perfect metaphor for a soul’s transition from the earthly plane. But, looking at the image now it seems obvious. Last month, I experienced and saw others experience the loss of loved ones. It seemed that a group of souls were leaving the planet all at once. I haven’t studied the astrology of death enough to know what transits may signify the completion of a life journey. But, I’ve been pondering July’s peaceful astrology and considering how what seems upsetting to those of us on planet Earth could be (and I believe it is!) peaceful, even joyous, to those departing.

On July 11, I received the news that my friend, mentor and employer, Jan Spiller (pictured above) had passed away. Jan Spiller was a world-renowned astrologer, author, speaker, radio personality, and a pioneer in astrology research. Her book, “Astrology for the Soul” about the North Nodes in a birth chart revolutionized astrology and I use her teachings about the Nodes in every chart reading I do. Information about the North Node is always the “show stopper” in any astrology reading. It’s uncanny how Jan absolutely nails it. She is the author of five best-selling books on astrology distributed worldwide and translated into seventeen languages. You’d think someone with her credentials would be too busy to be in close touch with her website team, but that wasn’t the case at all. She took the time to share some of her personal life in every email and ask about how I was doing. When we spoke by phone, it was guaranteed that she’d brighten the communication with her infectious laughter. If I was going through a hard time, she’d look at my birth chart and offer valuable insights. I couldn’t have been more fortunate to work for Jan these past three and half years.

Jan left me with some beautiful gifts. Besides the fact that her training brought my ability to interpret astrology to the next level, she paved the way for me to begin to share my work with a larger audience. It was Jan’s wish to continue her website, so that her legacy could live on. She has entrusted me with the honorable task of writing the horoscopes, forecasts and articles for the site. She wanted the website to be available as a resource for her subscribers for years to come. Additionally, I will be authoring a monthly astrology column that she wrote called, “The Astrological Edge,” for Dell Horoscope Magazine beginning in March of 2017. I’m excited to be able to help Jan’s legacy live on in this way and be able to reach more readers with my writing.

As for August’s astrology, I can say that change is in the air. Potentially July was the calm before the storm, if I am continuing my sailboat analogy. We will experience a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 18th that will likely be an eye-opener. Aquarius rules the unexpected, unconventional, innovative and often has an electrifying effect. It’s time to revolutionize some aspect of ourselves and our lives. If we’ve been clinging to nostalgia, this eclipse will help to shake us loose so we can move forward for our own good. A little scary? You bet. But a stagnant existence is far more frightening, don’t you think?

As all this new energy is being stirred, we’re preparing to go into a Mercury retrograde cycle starting on August 30th. Because Mercury retrograde has a build up of about two weeks known as the “shadow period,” we may feel it kick in mid-month. It will actually be a nice “brake pedal” for the additional eclipses coming up in September. We may wake up and realize things can’t stay the same. BUT, thanks to Mercury retrograde we won’t be encouraged to do a clean sweep and start completely over. Instead, the days between mid-August and October 5th (two weeks after Mercury stations direct on Sept. 22) will be a powerful time to review our current situation. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, which symbolizes attention to detail. We can use Virgo’s discerning energy to decide what we want to keep doing and the best way to do it. Once again, hanging on to a sentimental illusion will likely lose out to practical concerns. It’s ok. Make a scrap book, write down beautiful memories, organize your photos and then prepare to move on to the NOW and FUTURE.

Saturn will station direct on August 13, which will also encourage structure and long-term planning. Saturn Direct will add more “oomph” to the Saturn-Neptune square which will be exact by the end of August. This square offers us the ability to solidify our dreams. In the sign of Pisces, Neptune is reminding us of our higher calling and creative abilities. We can use this powerful transit to transform vague ideas into a realistic plan of action. If we’ve been in denial about our dreams, it is a great time to acknowledge our fears and embrace what we truly want.


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Mars Direct, Saturn-Neptune Square, Jupiter-Pluto Trine and More!

Ready or not, here comes July. Your horoscopes are up, in case you haven’t checked them out yet. Mars, planet of action and ambition went direct on June 29 after a two and half month retrograde cycle. This clears July for new beginnings and taking action on some of the ideas that might have been spinning in your mind the last few months. We could feel some “shadow” effects of Mars retrograde during the first half of July, but for the most part, we’ll be enjoying the unencumbered pursuit of our goals.

We’ve got a sweet trine happening between Jupiter and Pluto right now that is beneficial for business, financial endeavors, work-related goals and making long-term commitments to our ideals. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t mess around. We’ve been feeling this hard core planet go through the hard working sign of Capricorn since 2008.  Lucky breaks and happy accidents haven’t necessarily been part of Pluto’s plan to make us get it together practically, spiritually and emotionally. But this month, we’re graced with Jupiter in Virgo making a favorable angle to Pluto. I think this will offer some fortunate opportunities for anyone who’s been working towards a long-term goal.  Virgo represents diligent work and Jupiter offers a generous, expansive energy. If you’ve been feeling like your efforts have been outweighing your rewards lately, Jupiter may offer you the gift of recognition, opportunity, financial gain and/or a spiritual signal that you are on the right track. Don’t give up!  This trine will be the most powerful until July 14th, but we can enjoy the positive effects all month long.

We’re also getting a strong dose of the Saturn-Neptune square this month, which can soften the edges of a hard challenge. Squares are known to be difficult aspects, but they can also generate a great amount of success as they often force us to resolve problematic issues. We’ll be encouraged to let go of fantasies that are getting in the way of our dreams coming true. Think about it. If you are focusing time and energy on something that isn’t realistically obtainable, you are taking away from the time and energy that could be put towards a very realistic goal. What do you really want? And I don’t mean winning the lottery, owning a mansion and being married to a movie star. I mean, what type of life will make you truly happy? Could you be truly happy if you commit to being the absolute best you can be at something you are passionate about? Even if you don’t become rich or famous or the even best among your peers? What about a beautiful life where you look back and know that you did what mattered most to you, most of the time?  Neptune-Saturn energy is helping us focus on a dream life that represents our dreams, not the dreams that we think will be most impressive to others.

Monday’s New Moon (July 4) will be in Cancer, supporting intentions related to home, family, real estate, emotional vulnerability, nurturing yourself and others and following your intuition. I encourage everyone to take some time to consider their dreams and enjoy the luxury of July’s tranquil astrology to reflect on their needs, dreams, desires and how certain pursuits make you feel. Most goals involve a mixture of stress and excitement. If your stress to thrill ratio is out of balance, it could be time to adjust your goals! What can you set your sights on that will make you absolutely desirous for it on a daily basis? Eclipse season and the next Mercury Retrograde are not that far off on the horizon. But for now, relax into the calm waters of the upcoming July days. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 19th will be an ideal time to appreciate your accomplishments and capabilities.